What should we do with our transactions and digital currencies during internet downtime?

در زمان‌های قطعی اینترنت با معاملات و ارزهای دیجیتال خود چه کنیم؟

Exclusive to Erzdigital – Internet access, including some external services and social networks, has been limited throughout the country for the past few days. Traders and users of digital currencies, who always need the Internet to carry out their usual activities and communicate with some external services, faced restrictions and obstacles in these few days, depending on the way they connect to the Internet.

Since the Internet situation in Iran still seems unstable and unpredictable, if you are a trader or use programs related to digital currencies, you need to keep a few points in mind until the conditions of Internet access in the country stabilize.

Personal wallets and make a transaction

If your digital assets are stored in non-trust wallets, there is nothing to worry about. Non-trusted wallets are software or tools that provide you with private keys or recovery words.

According to research, the popular wallet in Iran has not been filtered yet, and therefore, transactions are possible when accessing the global Internet. However, it is better not to transact with your wallets during internet restrictions.

If you find an urgent need for a transaction and there is no access to the global Internet, one of the methods is that you can get a virtual server (VPS) and get help from it to make the transaction; In VPS, you connect to a wallet such as Exodus, Myetherwallet, Metamask or any other wallet, enter your backup in these wallets and make transactions. After the transaction, make sure that the information on the VPS did not remain.

What to do with our transactions in digital currency exchanges?

Iranian digital currency traders experience different conditions these days during internet outages, depending on their activity in domestic and foreign exchanges, as well as the way they connect to the Internet. Therefore, in the following, we will examine different modes separately.

In general, it is better not to trade as much as possible on these days and close open orders and positions on trading platforms as soon as possible.

If you trade in domestic exchanges

Although Iranian digital currency exchanges are considered as internal services and are active during internet restrictions, due to the unpredictability of the internet conditions in the country, they have mainly asked their users to avoid unnecessary transfers as much as possible and to limit open orders and loss limits of their transactions. manage Doing short-term and high-risk transactions is not recommended in the current situation.

If you trade in foreign exchanges

Iranian traders active in foreign digital currency exchanges usually have to change their IP to access these platforms. Two common ways to do this are using VPN or virtual servers (VPS).

Experts do not recommend using VPN to change IP and access foreign digital currency exchanges in the current situation; Because these tools are usually not stable enough depending on the way the user connects to the Internet (using mobile or fixed Internet). Unstable internet access can also increase the risk of doing transactions (especially leveraged transactions) on foreign platforms. In addition, the tightening of internet restrictions in the country in the coming days or certain hours can be possible and affect the activity of these tools even more.

Using virtual servers, however, is a relatively more stable but more expensive method compared to a VPN. The possibility of completely cutting off the access of users who use virtual servers for transactions in foreign exchanges is much less than using VPN.

Use of decentralized applications

The use of decentralized applications (DApp) in various blockchain networks requires communication with overseas services, and depending on how you connect to the Internet, you may have to use the methods described in the previous sections to interact with them. They were mentioned.

Therefore, if you have an essential transaction or need to use a specific decentralized application, you must make sure that your access to the Internet and external services is stable; Otherwise, you may not be able to complete your transaction or be restricted in using decentralized applications.

Beware of fake apps

Over the past few days, and simultaneously with the publication of news related to Elon Musk’s efforts to provide access to Starlink satellite internet in Iran, fake applications have been published on Telegram, which are introduced as “Starlink Internet Access Program”.

Pay attention to all the applications that have been published in Telegram and other social networks in the form of files these days. a fake And probably Infected with malware are. In addition, the use of the official Starlink software is only for setting and controlling the communication equipment of this service.

Also, in this era when access to Google Play and the App Store is blocked, beware of some malware that pretends to be a VPN. Such malware may also threaten your digital assets. If you have to download the apk file, it is better to download it on sites like scan


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