What are ideas? How to publish digital currency analysis in the ideas section

ایده‌ها چیست؟ چطور تحلیل ارز دیجیتال در بخش ایده‌ها منتشر کنیم

Over the past few months, the “Ideas” section on the ErzDigital website has become a place for analysts to interact and publish analysis of digital currency and market tokens by users. Our companions publish their analytical and educational materials in this section and can express their opinions about the analyzes of others. In this article, we intend to fully introduce you to the ideas section.

What are ideas?

About 8 months ago, Erzdigital website launched an ideas or analysis section and since then more than 2,000 analyzes have been published by users. This section was launched with the aim of providing a free platform for ideation and publishing of digital currency analysis and the views of the constant companions of Aruzdigital, and users can participate in it for free.

What are ideas?  How to publish digital currency analysis in the ideas section
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In addition to the users’ analysis, the contents that were published in the blog in the past with titles such as “Price Analysis” or “Technical Analysis” by the authors of Erzdigital Collection have also been transferred to this section.

The purpose of improving digital currency analytical materials and transferring them to the ideas section is to summarize the contents and reduce the time required to study the analyses, to provide price analysis for digital currencies with more variety than in the past, to add the possibility of tracking the results of each analysis using live charts and more interaction with users. And replying to comments related to any analysis for digital currencies.

How to publish digital currency analysis in the ideas section?

To publish analysis of digital currencies in the ideas section, you must create an account on the Aruzdigital website. Creating an account is free and you can access this section by entering your information.

After entering your name and password, you will enter your own page. On this page you can build your portfolio, monitor cryptocurrencies or enter the ideas section by clicking on analytics. After entering my analysis page, by clicking on add, you will enter the analysis section and from this section you can publish your desired content.

Getting to know the types of digital currency analysis in the ideas section

In general, three types of content can be published in the ideas section: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and educational content. In the following, you will be fully acquainted with the method of publishing content in each section.

technical analysis

In this section, you can publish your technical analysis about any digital currency. First, select your desired currency pair in the chart section, and then specify your prediction of its future by selecting the type of trend. In the next part, you can specify the target price and the loss limit. It is not necessary to fill in these two fields, but entering them will give users more points and also make their cryptocurrency analysis look more authentic.

Ideas, a field for analysts to be seen
The environment of the ideas section

On the other side of the page, you can upload a photo related to your analysis or use the live chart of the desired digital currency. By choosing the live chart, you will have access to various analytical tools and you can perform your analysis completely.

You can also write your analysis text from the bottom of the page, and finally, by clicking on the publish idea button, your article will be sent and published in the ideas section after expert approval.

Fundamental analysis

By choosing the fundamental analysis section, you can publish your opinion about the digital currency you want. In this section, you will only need to specify the name of the currency, the type of trend (upward, downward or neutral) and the target price.

If you need to display a specific image, you can select it from the relevant part of the file and then publish it by writing the text of your idea. This article will also be published in the ideas section after the moderators approve it.

Educational materials

Another way to publish content in the ideas section is to publish educational content. If you intend to publish a special article about a digital currency that does not have an analytical aspect, you can choose the educational option from the analysis type section.

In this section, write your opinion by selecting the symbol of a digital currency. You can also choose a photo from the relevant section for your analysis. Do not forget that you need a title for all analytical materials and you must complete this part as well.

Try to choose the title of your analysis so that other users will be informed about the topic of your post by reading it. The title of the analysis is one of the main things that will attract other users.

View other users’ digital currency analysis

Unlike the publication of analytical content, it is possible to view other users’ digital currency analysis for everyone, even those who have not registered. You can see the latest ideas by visiting the View All Reviews page.

At the top of the page, you can see the top analysts of the week and their scores. For more convenience, you can categorize content by type of analysis or currency symbol. For example, if you intend to view only Bitcoin digital currency analysis, you can click on the BTC symbol from the “Select Currency” section to categorize only ideas and analysis related to it.

You can rate each analysis to encourage other analysts, increase the quality of the content and see the analysis you think are the best. Usually, the ideas of analysts who post more detailed content have a higher score.

Tips that you should pay attention to when using the ideas section

As mentioned, the ideas section is a free platform for analysts to publish any content that they think can be useful for others. For this reason, the accuracy of each analysis is the responsibility of the users and they should not base their transactions and investments on the contents published in this section.

To use this section, you must keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure to pay attention to the author’s name and background while reading the material
  • The analyzes published in the ideas section are only the personal opinions of users
  • A high score of an analysis does not indicate the certainty of the author’s prediction
  • Don’t be fooled by people trying to sell signals
  • If you think an analysis is wrong, be sure to express your opinion about it
  • If you see a post that violates the rules, or an author promoting scam projects, be sure to report it.

Ideas, a field for analysts to be seen

The ideas section is a good opportunity to interact with analysts and get to know their views. In this space, you can get acquainted with various types of analyzes and methods of analyzing digital currency and popular market tokens and even increase your knowledge in this field. To reiterate the importance of this topic:

“Don’t base your transactions and investments on the ideas and analyzes of users without research”


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