Unique messages during the ethereum market; What messages are in these blocks?

در آخرین بلاک اتریوم POW و اولین بلاک در اتریوم POS چه پیام‌هایی قرار دارد؟

The update of Marj Ethereum was successfully completed on September 15 (24 Shahrivar) at the block height of 15,537,394. The last Proof of Work block and the first Proof of Stake block had secret messages from VanityBlocks and Hashkey Capital to the community.

According to Blockchain Homeland and quoted by Coingap, the crypto community witnessed the most anticipated and complex update in crypto history. Ethereum mainnet (executive layer) finally merged with China Beacon (consensus layer) on September 15 at block height 15,537,394. This means the transition of the Ethereum network from PoW to PoS, which reduces the energy consumption of the Ethereum network by approximately 99.95%.

The message of the last block of Ethereum POW

The last PoW block It was created by F2Pool and had only one transaction and one internal transaction contract. A message by VanityBlocks was included in this transaction, which quoted Arif Mashoor Terrence McKenna Is. This message says:

Commit and nature will respond by removing impossible obstacles. Believe in impossible dreams so that the world lifts you up instead of crushing you. Here is the point.

In fact, this quote is related to the hard work of developers, researchers, moderators, Ethereum clients and others who have interacted with Marj. Plus, years of continuous coding, updating, testing, and tweaking made the Ethereum network successfully transition from PoW to PoS.

The message of the first Ethereum POS block

Furthermore, Hashkey Capital Also in The first PoS block Has posted a message. This message is as follows:

Forward to the next wave of blockchain innovation.

Also, the first block of PoS had a reward equivalent to 45.03 Ether worth more than $72,000. This block contains 80 transactions and an internal transaction contract. However, later blocks have much lower rewards.

Marj is a paradigm shift in the Ethereum ecosystem. With the Marj update now complete, developers can focus on the Surge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge phases of the Ethereum roadmap. Marj is also known as an introduction to improve the scalability, efficiency, speed and security of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, after the successful launch of Marj, in twitter Congratulations to the Ethereum community. Buterin said in this regard:

Finally done. Congratulations on the release of the Marj update. This is a very important moment for the Ethereum ecosystem. All the people who have contributed to the launch of Marj today should be very proud of themselves.

The last block contained only one unique transaction

The last Ethereum block produced by Proof of Work contains only one transaction and has become a work of art. data Etherscan It shows that this transaction is an NFT token belonging to the VanityBlock collection. First, let us explain that this group pays a lot of gas for the uniqueness of its tokens so that no other transaction can be included in that block.

This group has paid a fee of 30.2 Ether (about $50,000) for their only transaction to be included in this block. This amount is equivalent to the gas ceiling of each block (30 million gas), which means that no other transaction can be included in the same block.

This NFT token is now on the market Open C It has been put up for auction and at the time of writing this news, the highest offer to buy it is equal to 10 Ether. You can see the image and name of this token in the photo below.

VanityBlock unique token on the latest Ethereum pow block
Source: OpenC

The activity of the VanityBlocks collection started a year ago. According to this website, there were supposed to be many more VanityBlocks. The first goal of VanityBlocks was to collect the first batch of 50-100 NFT tokens and then 200 NFT tokens per year. In the end, VanityBlocks managed to create 17 blocks before reaching a block height of 15,537,393.

In addition to paying a lot of gas, VanityBlocks also targets blocks with rand numbers at the beginning, such as blocks 14114114, 1436063, and 14401440.

However, obtaining block 15,537,393 was a more difficult process. VanityBlocks said in this regard:

We worked day and night for almost a month to create this particular block. We had a 15% chance of creating this block.

We had to write special code and cooperate with big miners. Our most important cooperation was with bloXroute and fundraising for issuing this block.


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