Training to work with the Binance exchange, the sixth part; Binance Earn section + video

Training to work with the Binance exchange, the sixth part;  Binance Earn section + video

Binance exchange is known as the largest cryptocurrency trading market in the world. The leading Binance exchange is due to the provision of very diverse and attractive services in the financial field. This article is the sixth part of the collection of articles on how to work with the Binance exchange. In this article Earn section of Binance exchange We will teach In general, all the ways to earn money using cryptocurrencies in the Binance exchange have been introduced in this video.
Also, in the previous part, we taught trading in the option and binary market in this exchange, and you can see the fifth part of the training for working with the Binance exchange from the link below:

To learn about all the points related to Binance Earn sectionIn the rest of this article, stay with the country of blockchain.

Making money from the Earn section of the Binance exchange

Dear users, note that currently foreign centralized exchanges, including Binance, are not legally allowed to provide services to Iranian users. This video should in no way be considered as a recommendation to work in the Binance exchange and is only educational for people who are still legally able to use this exchange.

KDear citizens of blockchain country, if the video of this article is not displayed for you, turn off your VPN and then refresh the page. Some videos of Aparat site are not displayed for IPs outside Iran.

In the following, you can see the topics discussed in the above video:

  • Introduction: (from 00:00 to 01:57)
  • Education saving Binance exchange: (from 01:57 to 10:28)
  • Training department Auto-Invest Binance Exchange: (from 10:28 to 14:03)
  • Education Earn money from BNB Vault: (from 14:03 to 16:10)
  • Education Making money from the Staking section of the Binance exchange:(from 16:10 to 18:56)
  • Education Deposit in Ethereum 2 on Binance exchange: (from 18:56 to 21:06)
  • Training to participate in the auction of parachains of the Polkadat network: (from 21:06 to 22:00)
  • Training department Farming Binance exchange: (from 22:00 to 23:00)
  • Training to participate in Binance Exchange Launchpad: (from 23:00 to 24:21)
  • Education Dual Investment Binance exchange: (from 24:21 to 31:00)
  • Training to participate in Binance exchange launch pool: (from 31:00 to 32:40)
  • Additional points and summary (from 32:40 to 35:36)

What is the Binance Earn section?

This service can be used when the trader has purchased cryptocurrency in his wallet and intends to keep it. For example, in the upward trends of the market, traders generally invest in one or more digital currencies in the Binance exchange and do not intend to sell it at the moment, and are considered holders of that digital currency; On the contrary, when the market enters its downward trend, many traders have converted all their digital currencies into stablecoins and currently do not intend to convert these stablecoins into other digital currencies.
In the above situations, use Binance Earn services It is a good opportunity to earn money from cryptocurrencies. In conclusion and in short, Binance Earn service is a place to earn indirect income from digital currencies.
In this section, the Binance exchange offers a variety of services, which we introduced in full in the above video. The important thing about using the above services is that the use of these services does not impose a direct loss on the trader. In fact, if we ignore the fluctuations in the price of the digital currency held by the trader, using this service will not cause any other losses to the trader. Although it was mentioned during the training, we emphasize again that Using Earn services of Binance exchange Requires authentication.


Questions and answers of the blockchain homeland
  • What is Binance Earn?
    The products presented in the ERN section of the Binance exchange allow us to earn money from them at the same time as holding our cryptos. In fact, this service is a platform for earning money from digital currencies.
  • Is it possible to make money from Binance Savings?
    Yes. In the Saving section of the Binance exchange, we can deposit a large number of our digital currencies and earn money from it. This section is similar to depositing in a bank and will be assigned a specific annual interest.
  • How much is Binance’s monthly profit in the Earn section?
    Deposit interest in the Earn section of Binance exchange is calculated annually and can be withdrawn daily. This profit varies from 5% to over 100% depending on the type of service and the type of digital currency.
  • Does using the Eren Binance section require authentication?
    Yes. Participation in all services provided in the Earn Binance section requires authentication.


In this article, we introduced the Earn section of Binance exchange. Also, complete notes on sections Binance Auto-invest, BNB Vault, staking in Binance exchange, depositing in Ethereum 2, participation in Polkadata parachain auction, farming in Binance exchange, participation in Launchpad and Launch Pool of Binance and Dual Investment of Binance exchange We have fully trained. Don’t forget to share your opinions and experiences about Binance exchange earning services with us.

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