The results of a survey: large institutional investors are buying digital currencies this winter

نتایج یک نظرسنجی: سرمایه‌گذاران بزرگ سازمانی مشغول خرید در زمستان ارزهای دیجیتال هستند

The results of a survey of institutional investors show that the amount of capital allocated to digital currencies among these institutions has increased over the past year, despite the fact that the market has been involved in a long winter.

To Report Cointelegraph, this survey, which was conducted with the support of Coinbase, the largest exchange in America, was prepared from September 21 to October 27 (September 30 to November 5) and was published yesterday. The results of the aforementioned survey show that 62% of institutional investors have increased their capital allocation to digital currencies in the last 12 months.

On the other hand, only 12% of these collections have reduced their investment in digital currencies; This means that most of the big investors in the sector are probably still optimistic about the future of digital assets, despite the fall in prices in recent months.

More than half of these investors have either recently bought and held digital currencies or are planning to take this approach. This group believes that the price of digital currencies will remain almost constant over the next 12 months and the market will not experience large fluctuations.

In addition, 58% of the participants in this survey said that they expect to increase the share of digital currencies in their investment portfolio in the next 3 years. About 50% of the respondents also said that they completely agree with the prediction that the price of digital currencies will increase in the long term.

The lack of clarity about the legal status of digital currencies around the world is one of the main reasons why investors hesitate to enter this market. 64% of those who intend to invest in the digital currency market in the next 12 months have mentioned the same concern.

The survey sponsored by the Coinbase exchange was conducted by asking 140 institutional investors whose assets under management total $2.6 trillion.

Fidelity Investment Institute also conducted a similar survey in October.

Chris Kuiper, director of research at Fidelity, said about the results of this survey:

They (institutional investors) are indifferent to these crazy price fluctuations; Because they envision a very long-term perspective for the market. They look to the next few years, the next five years, the next decade, and the era after that.

It is worth noting that both of these surveys were conducted before the fall of the FTX exchange; According to the CoinShares Institute, the incident caused the amount of investment in short products (in order to reduce the price) to reach its highest level in history. In addition, the value of assets under the management of digital currency institutional investors is currently equal to 22 billion dollars, which is the lowest level in the last two years.

James Butterfill, one of the experts of Kevin Shears, also said earlier that this acceptance of short products is a direct result of the bankruptcy of FTX exchange.


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