The number of Ethereum domain names exceeded 2 million

ENT-name-Serivce are hot in opensea

In less than a month, the biggest expansion of the Ethereum network and perhaps the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem will take place. Meanwhile, a lot of media atmosphere was formed about Ethereum and its domain, and the number of Ethereum domain names has exceeded ever.

Nick Johnson, the developer of the Ethereum Domain Name Service (ENS), said it took five years for ENS to create 1 million domain names, while only 3.5 months It took time to reach two million.

In May 2022, Johnson announced that key ENS metrics, including enrollment numbers, renewal rates and revenue, were at their highest levels.

An ENS domain name can act as a peer-to-peer token (NFT), a website address, or a hash. Their use as website addresses can be likened to how so-called Web 2 addresses replaced earlier Internet Protocol addresses.

Instead of typing a complex cryptocurrency wallet address to send assets, the sender can use the recipient’s ENS address. ENS domain name to “eth.” expires and must be added as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. They are also tradable on secondary NFT markets. Access to the eth domain. Requires a crypto browser like Brave.

ENS had 380,000 new registrations in August

Dune Analytics data about 379,000 eth domain name registrations. It shows the new one in July 2022 (July 1401), surpassing its previous record of 365,000 in May 2022 (May 1401).

On August 19, 2022, ENS DAO, the decentralized independent organization responsible for maintaining and supporting ENS domains, said it was looking for a qualified administrator for the DAO to ensure community sustainability even in the absence of new registrations.

The most expensive ENS domain so far has been paradigm.eth, which went for 420 ether in October 2021 (27 October 1401), shortly before Ethereum reached its all-time high of $4,800 on 10 November 2022 (19 November 1401). Sold out.

ENS also allows an NFT with an eth domain. be related The number of users choosing NFTs as profile pictures reached about 12,000 in August 2022 (up from 10,700 in May 2022).

Exclusive groups are formed around Ethereum domain names

Johnson stated in May that the adoption of ENS has spread and most wallets support it. Interest in ENS domains has increased since April 2022 (April 1401) with the formation of exclusive clubs such as the 10,000 (10k) club, which includes members with domain names between “0000” and “9999”. Other notable groups are Ethmoji 99, holders of two-character domain names between 0 and 99, and 999 Club, holders of three-character domain names, from 000 to 999.

Celebrities with ETH domains include Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, and Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal. All of these people used their ENS names for their Twitter profiles.

Similar to domain names in Web 2, a regular dollar fee must be paid to the ENS DAO treasury to maintain ownership of an ENS domain. As an NFT, the minting of ENS domain names also requires the payment of gas fees.

Buterin in August 2020 tweet He emphasized that the three and four letter ENS names are assets that have a fixed supply and are of significant use.


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