The new regulation of the Ministry of Security for the mining industry was announced; The need to get approval from the ministries of oil and energy

آیین‌نامه جدید وزارت صمت برای صنعت ماینینگ ابلاغ شد؛ لزوم دریافت تأیید از وزارتخانه‌های نفت و نیرو

The Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade has published a new regulation regarding the activities of digital currency miners. According to this regulation, requests related to mining activists in the country must be approved by the Ministries of Oil and Energy.

According to Erzdigital and to quote In order to review the new regulations of the Ministry of Privacy, an interview was conducted with Ali Babaknia, the head of the mining working group of the Iranian Blockchain Association, which we will discuss below.

Babaknia explained in this regard:

The new regulations of the Ministry of Privacy, following the approval of the Board of Ministers in the field of designation and duty for the cryptocurrency mining industry, were compiled and announced on 22 Aban 1401. This regulation has announced the beginning of the activity of issuing permits for the applicants of the mining industry to the Department of General Affairs and the procedure for issuing permits.

He stated about the most important things mentioned in this notice:

All issuance of permits, renewal of establishment permits and issuance of exploitation permits are subject to the response of inquiries from the Ministries of Oil and Energy.

The head of the Mining Working Group of the Blockchain Association of Iran noted about the mining energy supply laws in the country:

It has been decided that these ministries should systematically refer the energy supply situation. Since the systems are being changed and updated, and on the other hand, they may not work properly, in this regulation, it is possible to answer inquiries and follow up in a non-systematic way.

Babaknia further admitted:

On the other hand, it can be mentioned that the holders of exploitation licenses and authorized farms are obliged to notify the service unit of the Ministry of Security of any movement in equipment, assignment or update in the type and number of equipment in three-month periods.

He further said:

In the end, in this regulation, the Vice President of Machinery and Equipment Industries, the Software Industries Office, has been designated as the policy maker in the decision-making authority of this field in the Ministry of Security.

The head of the Mining Working Group of the Iranian Blockchain Association stated regarding the need to receive approval from the Ministry of Oil and Energy for miners:

In this regulation, it is clearly emphasized that the approval of inquiries and confirmations from the Ministries of Oil and Energy is mandatory. The Ministry of Energy has compiled similar regulations and updated the requirements of the mining industry.

Pointing out that this regulation has not yet been promulgated, Babaknia explained:

According to what we have heard and the information we have from the draft regulation of the Ministry of Energy, according to the upper approval of the Council of Ministers, investors have been required to consider a diverse portfolio of energy for themselves.

He about supply Electricity of miners for cryptocurrency mining explained with an example:

It means that it is not like in the past that the applicant can get a cryptocurrency mining license just by requesting electricity from the network. Therefore, the applicants are required to propose and provide a supplementary structure for alternative electricity to the grid, during the days when the grid is not serviceable. For this purpose, renewable energy, gas, optimization plans and the construction of flare power plants can be used.

The head of the mining working group of Iran Blockchain Association said about the change of rates in the new regulations:

In other cases, the Ministry of Energy has provided requirements similar to previous regulations. There will definitely be a rate update from the Ministry of Energy regarding electricity tariffs in this area, but in general, we have requested that the Ministry of Energy consider a few things.

He explained about the matters that need to be considered by the Ministry of Energy:

One thing is for the Ministry of Energy to consider the competitiveness and profit and loss of this field in the field of tariff setting. The other thing is to consider the calculation method of the mining industry in a simple way, similar to other industries, and skip the application of low-load and intermediate-load hours and the entire table of hourly coefficients, and determine and communicate in a simple way in two times. Finally, we ask the Ministry of Energy to facilitate the issuance of permits for the applicants for the construction of power plants.

Babaknia said about his opinion about this regulation:

This law subject to inquiries is not a new issue and we have seen such requirements in other industries as well. This law is not a bad law in general, but we are worried that the opinions of experts and regional managers will be influential in the announcement of answers and queries, and the possibility of differences between applicants and government officials may arise.

The head of the mining working group of the Iranian Blockchain Association, pointing out that another of our concerns is about the long response of the processes, said:

Unfortunately, we face a series of restrictions at any time of the year. These restrictions should not prevent us from answering inquiries. For example, if someone makes a request in the hot season, the regional managers will respond to the inquiry at the same time as the inquiry is sent and do not allow the heat period to end or we will see an interruption in the inquiry process during the cold season. If these interruptions and decisions are not inferential and individual, this is a good law. However, we have to wait for the notification.


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