The mystery of the wallet holding half of the SLP token supply has been solved

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After much speculation, it was finally revealed that the wallet holding more than 22 million SLP tokens of the game Oxy Infinity belongs to the Binance exchange.

According to Mihan Blockchain and quoted by Cointelegraph, this wallet was first noticed by one of the Axie Infinity players named Michael Benko. Banko was concerned that more than 50% of the SLP token in circulation is in this wallet, and this could affect the Oxy Infinity game ecosystem.

After Cointelegraph reported on the matter, OxyInfinity co-founder Jeff Zirlin confirmed on Twitter that the address was a “Binance Ronin Gateway contract.”

A previous statement by Sky Mavis co-founder and CEO Aleksander Larson only said that the wallet was not owned by Sky Mavis or OxyInfinity.

Finally, Jeff Zerlin clarified this issue and noted:

Thank you for helping to clarify the information on this topic. This wallet is definitely the Ronin Binance portal contract.

Benko has said that it is satisfied with the outcome of this matter and that it has received the answer it was looking for. He was also able to communicate directly with Zerlin. He said:

Today I had a lot of angry people following my tweets about the Oxy Infiniti Wallet issue. I am proud of myself for the initial news I provided. Also, I think Sky Mivis’ official statement explaining this issue to the community is very valuable.

Banco has noted on Twitter before the said wallet Attention of the media He has contacted Sky Miwis and other people to get information and explanations, but this did not result in him.

It should be mentioned that the Binance exchange has provided various bridges to the Oxy Infinity ecosystem and has allowed users to transfer their assets in this game directly to the Binance exchange. to send And vice versa.

Binance has had a long-term partnership with Oxy-Infinity, and after the $600 million hack of Ronin’s Bridge in March, it has also helped the project by providing various bridges for users to withdraw in-game assets.


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