The importance of the user community of crypto platforms in their success

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In the world of cryptocurrencies community (Community) Or Platform community It plays an important role in the success of the project. All crypto platforms are formed according to the needs of a group of people and for this reason Target users, have an important role in the fate of the project. Stay with the blockchain country to see the creation Platform user community crypto What points should we follow?

The user community of crypto platforms is the main axis of the project’s success

Platform User Community - Crypto Community

Company Kuruma NFT Inc is a specialized company in the field of automotive NFTs and was established in November 2021 (Aban 1400). The founder of this company is Taro KokiBelieves that NFT platform community They are very important in the success of the project, and for this reason, they should be paid attention to.

Actually The user community of a platform crypto, is everything and I mentioned this important point in the first company launch meeting. With more than 10 years of experience in GTChannel And the YouTube social network, I am fully aware of the importance of a platform’s community in advancing its goals and success. All YouTubers thank their followers after every video show. The text of this thank you is almost similar to these words: “Without you, we would never have been in this position. Thank you for watching the program. Please like us and if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so.”

Kuruma's recommendations for building a strong and loyal user community

But why is it necessary for YouTubers to repeat this text in each of their programs? In fact, their relationship with viewers is a simple relationship between video content producer and viewer. Although YouTube media also offers paid membership models to users, the majority of revenue for content producers comes from streaming free promotional videos that they upload to their channels. In many cases, content producers have to encourage viewers; Because if YouTube users are not interested in watching their videos, the content produced is basically worthless.

Creating an endless loop to engage the platform’s user community

Attracting audience in the platform's user community by creating attractive content

The higher the number of views, the higher the YouTube advertising revenue. The system is designed to allow content creators to upload more videos for their followers, thus allowing more ads to be served.

Viewership is only valuable if it contributes to the number of views of the video. Therefore, the video content should be so new and attractive that users are eager to watch and follow new programs in the following days. In this way, an endless cycle is created.

In the world of the third generation of the web (Web3) everything is different. The most important difference between Web 2 and Web 3 community is the difference in Growth of community members Is. In Web 3, community members are the stakeholders of the project and can grow together equally. In the world of web 2, the matter is completely different; For example, it’s just YouTubers who suddenly grow up, earn huge incomes to buy luxury cars and houses, and interact with celebrities. But in front of the followers or subscribers who supported the content producer by watching the content, they don’t get any benefit. This major difference is due to the fact that in Web 2 there is no verified asset such as a non-fungible token (NFT) to increase in value in proportion to the same brand.

Removing barriers to entry of community members into the world of NFTs

YogaLabs receives a 5% royalty on the sale of the Mybits NFT collection

Kumura aims to build a bridge between the Web 3 space and automotive NFT enthusiasts. In fact, there are unlimited applications in the automotive gaming industry that, if transferred to the Web 3 space, would increase the interaction between automotive enthusiasts and NFTs. The most important challenge of this path is the barriers to entering the world of unique tokens.

In fact, it is not so easy to convince “non-expert” users to use crypto wallets and buy digital currencies to mint (produce) a non-genuine token. Explaining these two simple tasks is a major challenge for people who are resistant to new technologies. Fortunately, NFT enthusiasts are the pioneers in welcoming new technologies, and if we want to bring traditional car enthusiasts and non-specialists into this field, the barriers to entering the world of NFTs must be removed.

Clarifying the history and history of the team for the platform community

The value of any media depends on the background and story of its formation. The same is true of NFTs. The backgrounds and characteristics of team members play an important role in the formation of a brand. Many NFT projects are launched without thought or purpose. Many of these projects fail due to an unreliable background. People sense nonsense projects right. Neither does Kumur NFT Inc Community membersdeceive him; Therefore, if there is a good story behind the project, it should be told with pride. At Kumur company, behind every car and every NFT there is a great and admirable story.

Gaining the trust of the user community of crypto projects

The most important factor in Creating a new community It is trust building. Since the peerless token market is a brand new market, the only way to attract and convince new people is to build trust between the user, the NFT artist and the project team members.


Many factors contribute to the success of a project. But if we say User community of crypto platforms The most important point is, maybe we did not exaggerate. The idea of ​​launching any platform with respect to A group of users Target is formed and if it cannot attract the audience sufficiently and sustainably, this means the failure of the project. Therefore, the success of the platform depends Creating a community Strong And it is sustainable that through the removal of entry barriers, engaging the audience in an endless cycle, transparency and trust building. what is your opinion? What other solutions for Creating a loyal user community There is?


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