The Giants Project; Microsoft and Meta collaborate on Metaverse

پروژه غول‌ها؛ مایکروسافت و متا در زمینه متاورس با یکدیگر همکاری می‌کنند

Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft are working together to offer a range of Microsoft Office 356 products on Meta’s virtual reality platform. The goal of this joint project of technology giants is to encourage companies to work in virtual environments.

To Report Kevin Telegraph, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said during a speech at the “MetaConnect 2022” event on October 19 (October 11) that Microsoft’s Teams video calling app will work with Quest and Quest Pro virtual reality headsets. (Quest Pro) meta will be merged. This allows users to hold their meetings in a virtual room similar to a company meeting room.

Other well-known Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and SharePoint will also be available in Meta VR. Nadella added that in the future, features such as the ability to stream from Windows Cloud computers will be added to Meta headsets.

The Giants Project;  Microsoft and Meta collaborate on Metaverse
An example of a meeting held in the virtual reality environment of Microsoft Teams.

The CEO of Microsoft has said that the company’s enterprise mobile phones and identity management applications will also be compatible with Quest and Quest Pro virtual reality headsets. This feature allows companies to use these headsets in the organization’s internal network in a secure and managed way, just like computers and phones.

Meta is confident that the set of new features of the Quest Pro headset will tempt users to work in a virtual environment. The company claims that the Pro version is more comfortable than the existing Quest model, has better performance, clearer sound and higher image resolution.

Also, the Quest Pro is said to have more intuitive feedback on its controller and a feature called “Live Face Tracking”. In this feature, the user’s virtual avatar imitates the real facial expressions of its real counterpart, such as smiles and winks.

The Giants Project;  Microsoft and Meta collaborate on Metaverse
A picture of the Quest Pro virtual reality headset with the control handle.

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In a key part of his speech, Nadella pointed to the current policies of companies for remote work, which were first implemented due to the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic around the world, and said that this pandemic has created a rare opportunity to change the work environments based on administrative activity.

Nadella says:

We bring the pervasive experience of using Microsoft Teams to MetaQuest to provide new ways for people to connect with each other. Now, you can communicate with each other, share information and collaborate; As if you are really together.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, also said about this:

Along with expansion [دوباره] Work in person [با فروکش‌کردن کرونا در جهان]We want too [با کمک واقعیت مجازی] To provide conditions so that all people have the possibility to feel the presence in the environment.

Also, Microsoft Teams will be compatible with Meta’s virtual reality space for holding business meetings called “Horizon Workrooms”. Zuckerberg has said that this experience between different devices will be the basis of virtual offices in the future.

After Facebook changed its name to Meta last year, the company’s focus and resources shifted to building what Zuckerberg calls the open and interactive Metaverse.

The change has come at a cost to the company’s research and development arm. Reality Labs, a subsidiary of Meta, has spent billions of dollars to build hardware and other things needed for the virtual world. This company has spent only 5.7 billion dollars since the beginning of 2022.

Contrary to these heavy losses and after the publication of the company’s second quarter financial results in July, Zuckerberg insisted on the existence of a huge opportunity in this field, even admitting that such large losses could continue for a few more years.


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