The Ethereum platform has been updated

آپدیت مرج (ادغام) شبکه اتریوم Ethereum Merge اجرا شد

The Ethereum Merge update was done today, Thursday, September 24. This important update is a major milestone in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies world.

According to the Blockchain Homeland report, the Ethereum Merge update, which moves the network from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, was implemented after years of planning and development. With this update, the energy consumption of the Ethereum network will be reduced by 99%. This means the end of miners’ work to mine ETH.

In this event, Ethereum’s Proof of Work network, referred to as the execution layer, has been integrated with China’s Beacon Network (consensus layer). Blockchain activists were counting the moments for this day to witness this important achievement. You can hold live streams and countdowns on websites and comment on “All eyes on Marj Ethereum; Live monitoring of Merge news” Read.

The Ethereum platform has been updated

Also, to learn about the status of the Ethereum network and to check the intra-chain data of this network, the exclusive report of the country of Blockchain from “Bitcoin and Ethereum price status at the same time as Marj updateRead the

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