The draft of the document “Requirements for Cryptocurrency Exchanges” was compiled by Faraja

فراجا سند الزامات فعالیت صرافی‌های رمزارزی را تدوین و به صرافی‌های ایرانی ارسال کرده است

According to the statements of some Iranian activists in the field of cryptocurrency, Faraja has compiled a draft document on the requirements for the activity of cryptocurrency exchanges in Iran and shared it with the activists of this field, which, if finalized, can be considered as the activity framework for Iranian exchanges. It seems that the implementation of this document, despite imposing restrictions on exchanges, does not mean issuing a license to them and does not bring them the benefits of being licensed.

According to Mihan Blockchain and citing the attachment, the police command of the country is planning to enter into the regulation of the cryptocurrency field. According to the statements of some managers of Iranian cryptocurrency exchanges, Faraja (Law enforcement Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the new name of Naja) Draft of the document requirements for the activity of cryptocurrency exchanges compiled and shared with the activists of this field. By gathering the activists of this field and presenting the draft document prepared by them, the police command of the country has asked the cryptocurrency exchanges to announce their views and challenges regarding the set text and If finalized, consider it as the activity framework.

Mohammad Hakimi, the CEO of Remzinx, stated in the “Future of Blockchain Businesses in Iran” conference in a panel titled “Cryptocurrency Regulatory Ups and Downs in Iran” about the requirements for the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges by FATA police:

Although these requirements are enforceable, some of the items stated in these clauses are surprising. For example, it has been said that a company that has an exchange must be a partnership. According to these requirements, which must be implemented within one month, foreigners do not have the right to operate in Iranian exchanges. The FATA police have informed the exchanges that the funds are safe with them and they should be kept in the same way. It is also stated in these requirements that If after the evaluations, reviews and warnings of the FATA police, this body comes to the conclusion that the activities of the exchanges are not compatible with the spirit of these requirements, they will ask Shoprak to block their portal.

Saeed Ibaadi, CEO of Exbito cryptocurrency exchange, also said in the same panel regarding the requirements set by the FATA police:

In these requirements, FATA police have emphasized that Compliance with these requirements does not constitute a license. However, it has been announced that the FATA police can enter the company and check the processes at any time.

According to the statements of Mr. Hakimi and Ibaadi, the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges in the form of a joint venture, the prohibition of foreign people’s activity in these exchanges, and the safekeeping of users’ money in the hands of exchanges are among the clauses proposed by Faraja in this draft. Faraja emphasized in this draft that this document does not mean issuing a license to any of the exchanges.

One of the clauses that have been criticized by cryptocurrency exchanges is their activity in the form of a joint venture. Now the cryptocurrency exchanges and Faraja are reviewing this draft and reaching a single point of view about it.


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