The best universities to study blockchain in 2022

بهترین دانشگاه‌ها برای تحصیل در زمینه بلاک چین در سال ۲۰۲۲

As blockchain technology and digital currencies have grown over the past decade, this ecosystem has become increasingly complex. Think of the policy challenges that need to be addressed from a legal perspective; Environmental issues, creative programs and the promise of rebuilding society in a more just way. All these reasons have led universities to devote part of their programs to blockchain education in the last few years.

The number of people eager to learn about digital currencies is growing exponentially. According to the Bankrate report, 60 million Americans had digital currency last year. These people and those who will be added to these statistics in the future, will naturally not learn everything by themselves.

These days, we are witnessing the establishment of blockchain research centers and collaborations between industry and universities in various projects. Universities are doing everything they can to continue this development process. However, blockchain is changing every day and university curricula are changing slowly.

Also, due to the anti-structural nature of blockchain – which is against the social, economic and political principles of the ruling class – some critics believe that teaching blockchain in universities is a wrong and pointless thing. Of course, some say universities are the best places to learn about blockchain, with some reforms.

The article you read below is based on Set It has been written about the research of the Coin Desk team regarding the different methods of learning in the field of blockchain, and the best universities in the world for studying people interested in learning blockchain technology have also been introduced.

The cryptocurrency community welcomes self-taught people

If you’ve been around the tech space long enough, as well as digital currencies, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a self-taught person. This field is full of self-taught experts. Isaiah Jackson, the author of the book “Bitcoin and Black America” ​​says that 95% of people active in this space are self-taught; They do their own research and find their own sources.

Craig Wright, the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), was once described by Wired as an obsessive self-taught. Nick Szabo, a self-taught person himself, once said that my smartest teachers, mentors, and peers on Twitter and blogs these days are mostly self-taught. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is also self-taught. He started learning about Bitcoin when he was a high school student.

Why is self-learning linked to digital currencies?

Blockchain tutorial

Erik Voorhees, a long-time Bitcoin fan and founder of ShapeShift, says:

This happens like a natural refinement. Until recently, digital currency and blockchain could not be taught in universities. So anyone who chose this path based on their own definition did so with passion.

Having said that, is self-learning still a privilege for everyone? If you’re a working person making ends meet by doing a full-time job, can you really afford to spend hours learning about bitcoin custodial wallets and lightning nodes?

Over the past decade, self-study was the only way to truly learn about cryptocurrencies; But this situation is changing. Now, universities are incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrency courses into their formal programs.

However, Magdalena Gronowska, a business consultant and activist in the Bitcoin and digital currency industry, believes that taking a course alone is not enough. He is skeptical of possible biases that could permeate formal (university) blockchain education. Voorhees also links self-learning to the underlying ethos of Bitcoin and its decentralized nature.

He said about this:

Technical skills related to blockchain and digital currencies can be taught in schools; But the spirit of this industry is disobedience against the capture of money by the government, and the desire for this disobedience must originate from within the individual.

The best universities to study blockchain

For the past three years, the CoinDesk Collection has attempted to rank universities that strive to teach blockchain technology. The list of the top 50 universities to study blockchain in 2022 was prepared by examining the following four criteria from among the top 240 universities in the world:

  • University researches and contributions in blockchain developments
  • Blockchain training courses available at the university
  • Recruitment output in the blockchain industry
  • The scientific reputation of the university
The best universities to study blockchain in 2022

You can find the complete list of the top 50 universities to study blockchain from this address View on the CoinDesk website.


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