The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

بهترین ارزهای دیجیتال برای سرمایه‌گذاری در سال ۲۰۲۳

Which are the best digital currencies for investment this year? To answer this frequently asked question, as usual for the past three years, this year also analyzes and My personal opinions I share

As I write this, with this terrible bear market, introducing currency for investment is like walking through a minefield. But the opinions and requests of users did not allow us to stop this procedure.

I have summarized the result of my hours of investigation and research in the introduction of 10 digital currencies for medium and long-term investment.

The final authority and responsibility is with you

Like last year, I repeat this sentence again: The article “Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2023” was written with my own research and everything you read is just my personal conclusion and opinion.

The content of this article should not be considered as investment advice. According to the rule of investing, before risking your money, you have a duty to do your own research and weigh the situation. I am just trying to give you a clue. I and Erzdigital website are not responsible for your possible losses.

Therefore, at the beginning of each line of this article, add “in my opinion” yourself.

The bearish market of 2022

A look at the data Coin Market Cap It shows that more than 80% of the digital currencies of the market have lost more than 50% of their value in the past year, and the rest of the positive digital currencies did not have an adequate volume of transactions to be taken into account. This means that in all likelihood, whatever you bought in the bear market of 2022, you were now at a loss.

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023
Design: Farshad Motkalami © Erzdigital

However, such a market is not strange to me. I have seen such a market in the past years like 2018 and 2019 and of course 2014 and 2015 and maybe the market in those years was even scarier.

If you are an analyst or a trader, the discussion is separate; But if you’re just investing and don’t want to get too involved, don’t forget that in medium and long-term investments, it’s important to buy assets that will wake up after winter; The rest is just patience and patience.

What currencies do I introduce?

As in previous years, I have tried to consider all different spectrums and categories and introduce digital currencies according to the field in which they operate and also from large to small, so that in addition to investing in large and important digital currencies, it is possible to invest in projects Smaller also benefited.

My goal is primarily to take the least risk and then think about the growth potential of a project.

The assumption of last year’s article is maintained in this article, except for one more condition:

It is assumed that the introduced currencies will be invested with a medium or long-term view (for example, one year). Check the status of your basket at regular intervals and follow the news of the projects in the basket. If the market has been bearish all year, keep holding if it makes sense by checking currency data and news.

About how much to invest in any digital currency, as always, the first advice is to invest with money that won’t disrupt your life if lost.

Another point is that as we move from a large digital currency to a small digital currency (in terms of market value or market cap), as a rule, the growth potential increases and the risk increases.

With this fact in mind, almost all investment gurus recommend that you allocate more of your capital to higher market capitalizations and pay less attention to undervalued ones.

Personally, in terms of long-term investment (and not trading), I invest more than 70% of my capital in Bitcoin and Ethereum only, and allocate 30% to others.

Let’s get to the point; The top 10 digital currencies to buy in 2023 are:

1. Bitcoin

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023
Design of this image and the images below: Farshad Motkalami © Erzdigital

Bitcoin again? Yes, Bitcoin again. Don’t forget my assumption Medium-term or long-term investment with the least involvement in the market It is not trading, gambling or swinging.

Also, let’s not forget that Bitcoin is the first and most well-known digital currency that has the highest market value, and most importantly, it has been the most secure decentralized network in the world for 14 years and has been more stable in terms of infrastructure than any other digital currency; Perhaps this is the security that makes Bitcoin the king.

To repeat: if you are going to choose only one digital currency for medium or long-term investment, in my idea That currency should be Bitcoin.

  • Price at time of writing: $20,800
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 1

2. Ethereum

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

If we accept that the web of the future will be more decentralized, Ethereum is the best platform to bet on this future.

Ethereum still has the strongest developer community, the biggest DeFi projects with the most capital locked up work on Ethereum, it is still the number one smart contract platform in terms of security and stability, and thus, it is still on my list.

It doesn’t make sense if we want to invest long-term and not have Ethereum in our portfolio.

  • Price at time of writing: $1,530
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 2

3. Dogecoin

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

Last year, Dogecoin was on my list and even though the whole market was bearish, it lost less than many of the more popular currencies.

The large Dogecoin community and the popularity of this project, along with Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, have made me consider this digital currency this year as well. I think there is a high probability that Twitter will enable digital currency payments this year, and one of the attractive options for Elon Musk is Dogecoin.

In the season of building a bear market, Dogecoin can be the trump card.

  • Price at time of writing: $0.083
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 9

4. Olench

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

According to the news and network data, Avalanche can be among the top 10 digital currencies in the market.

In previous years’ articles, I was not interested in listing Ethereum’s closest competitors; But by researching on Olinch network, this time was an exception.

Olench, which has appeared very good and less flawed in terms of stability, flexibility, scalability and governance in the last two years, has an interesting roadmap for 2023 and earlier this year entered into a partnership with one of Amazon’s subsidiaries, and probably at dedicated conferences this year It has and you can follow them, more collaborations and improvements will be unveiled.

In my opinion, the price of Ethereum’s fierce competitor is lower than its true value.

  • Price at time of writing: 16.4 dollars
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 17

5. Tony Quinn

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

Last year, I wrote that if you want to take a little risk, buy Toncoin; At that time, Telegram did not support Toon Coin and there was a lot of speculation. But very soon it became clear that this is the same project that Telegram has officially abandoned and now it has returned with a name change.

Anyone who spends an hour researching this project will soon realize that Telegram is standing behind it and unofficially still the owner of this project is Telegram itself.

Factors such as the rapid development of Telegram, a large user base and various programs that ultimately lead to the acceptance of TonCoin, have put TonCoin under my microscope and make the investment seem reasonable.

  • Price at time of writing: 2.30 dollars
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 25

6. Ipcoin

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

The board ecosystem of Yugalabs is growing at the speed of light, and various data show that this company plans to take over a large part of the NFT and Metaverse.

Just a month ago, they hired the CEO of Activision Blizzard, one of the world’s largest gaming companies, as CEO to move faster on the path to becoming one of the Web 3.0 giants.

One cannot hope for the future of Metaverse and NFT and not see Apecoin as an investment option.

  • Price at time of writing: 5 dollars
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 31

7. Helium

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

Last year was disastrous for Helium and this digital currency lost more than 90% of its value; But this year may be different.

Helium recently abandoned its previous blockchain and moved to the Solana blockchain to compensate for its infrastructure weaknesses; Weaknesses that played a major role in the sharp fall of this digital currency.

Along with fixing the technical bugs, the unique application as well as the development of the Internet infrastructure in 2023 (like Fayoji) made me hope that Helium is now near its price floor.

  • Price at time of writing: 2.9 dollars
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 82

8. optimism

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

Last year, I wrote that the year is the year of Ethereum’s second layer protocols, and I can say the same this year.

After the controversial airdrop of Optimism tokens, the price of this digital currency fell by more than 65% and after that the market conditions did not allow this platform to prove itself.

Since more second-layer tokens, such as Arbitrom and ZKSync, are likely to be released in 2023, the close competition of these platforms can be a reason to pay more attention to optimism; Optimism that has been leading.

The field of DeFi can no longer be imagined without the second layer, and among the second layers, I have chosen Optimism.

  • Price at time of writing: $1.75
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 85

9. Ocean Protocol

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

A look at the technology space (and not just the crypto space) shows that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the trends this year; Among all the projects in the space of metadata and artificial intelligence, the name of Ocean Protocol shines.

I don’t want to say that this year every project that attaches the name of artificial intelligence and data will grow by hundreds of percent (maybe it will happen); But my opinion is that in the last one year, Ocean Protocol and its capabilities have been underestimated, and with the artificial intelligence trend moving towards the crypto field, this platform may have a chance to expand.

Therefore, one of my last options for investment, which of course accounts for a small percentage of capital compared to the entire portfolio, is Ocean Protocol.

  • Price at time of writing: $0.26
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 154

10. Luxury

The best digital currencies to invest in 2023

Finally, the riskiest project on our top 10 list is LooksRare.

Although in the NFT markets, OpenC remains unrivaled; But although Luxrear is new, it has captured a good market and is seen growing. Also, if 2023 is the year of OpenC token release, which is not unlikely, Lux Rare will be seen more than ever.

According to my data and research, the luxury rare price is seen lower than its real value. Don’t forget that it is the last currency in this basket and it is better to buy a reasonable number of it and not take too much risk.

  • Price at time of writing: $0.21
  • Market rank at the time of writing the article: 198

This year’s trends

In this regard, my suggestion is that Masari Foundation article read the But more than any other area, in my opinion, attention should be paid to these areas this year:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • NFT
  • Decentralized social networks

I’ll give you a clue about each to investigate further:

Artificial intelligence is not directly related to crypto; But it is one of the main trends in the world of technology, and as I said above, it can also be extended to the field of digital currencies. Pay attention to projects related to artificial intelligence; But beware of hypes and false promises.

In my opinion, according to the good infrastructure that has been provided during the last year, NFT and especially applied NFTs are trending again. Keep the projects in this field under the microscope.

In the discussion of decentralized social networks (DeSo), I know that many projects like the Lens project have plans for 2023. Follow their news and projects.


In short:

  • There are definitely many cryptocurrencies that could be on my list; But I didn’t want to mention dozens of cryptocurrencies or fill the article with only the ones at the top of the table.
  • It is definitely the duty of every investor to do complete research and measure the conditions before investing.
  • Always invest with an amount of money that if it all goes away, it won’t disrupt your life.
  • If you don’t want to be involved in the market, invest with a long-term view. The history of the cryptocurrency market shows that long-term investors are the winners; Provided that it is invested in the right projects.

be profitable


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