Review and look at OK Exchange’s annual report!

بررسی و نگاهی بر گزارش سالیانه اوکی اکسچنج!

Five years of being together with OK Exchange and interested users Buying and selling digital currency Forgiveness. This cryptocurrency trading platform has become popular among people and especially blockchain activists for many reasons, and in addition to examining these issues, we intend to mention interesting points and statistics from the behavior of users and their interests in OK Exchange Annual Report There is, let’s pay.

Blockchain initiators

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

In slide number 3 of OK Exchange’s annual report, it is prepared in such a way that they consider themselves one of the The initiators of Iran’s blockchain revolution they know; But how true is this claim? In response to this question, we must say that they are right to a great extent; Because as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, OK Exchange digital currency exchange has a history of 5 years, which means it is older than many Iranian and even foreign trading platforms.

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

In slide number five of this report, we read that this exchange offers more than 700 different cryptocurrencies and tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Binance Coin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies for trading.

Another interesting and significant point is the number of customers and the 10% market share of OK Exchange in the Iranian market. According to the report of this exchange, more than 1 million users have registered on this platform.

Road map and route of OK Exchange

Monitoring the path that an exchange has had over the years can give users a good insight into the world of cryptocurrencies. In slides number 7 to 10 of the OKEX annual report, we can see the path traveled by this exchange since its foundation, which has described its key and important events with a beautiful graphic design. Below is the image of slide 7 for you:

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

Also, in slide number 10, we can see some of the important steps that OK Exchange plans to take in the near future:

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

What cryptocurrencies are OK Exchange users interested in trading and holding?

Among the sections that can be extremely valuable and useful for digital currency traders are slides #13 to 18 of OK Exchange’s annual report.

In these pages, we can clearly see the level of interest of OK Exchange traders and investors in buying, selling and holding different cryptocurrencies of the cryptocurrency market. Since ten percent of Iran’s market is in the hands of this exchange, we can reach a general conclusion based on these statistics to choose a suitable cryptocurrency and buy digital currency and even sell them.

For example, in slide number 13, it is prepared that 92.13% of the purchases made in OK Exchange belong to Shiba purchases, and in slide number 17, we read that 13.89% of the cryptocurrencies held in OK Exchange belong to the Shiba Ino token. Is! From these figures, it can be seen that Shiba currency is a popular currency among OK Exchange users, followed by Iranians; So it can be included in one of our options for further review and analysis in order to make transactions and earn profit.

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

Application for buying and selling digital currency

Along with the dynamic and efficient website that the OK Exchange development team has designed for users, they have developed a good digital currency software and application with a simple user interface, suitable for Android and iOS mobiles, which you can download from reliable sources such as Google Download and use Play and App Store now.

In the image below, you can see the pie chart and distribution of OK Exchange users using the exchange’s trading platform on different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, etc.:

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

OK Exchange support team

Users are the main assets of a platform; OK Exchange has realized this and in addition to announcing this issue several times in its report, it has published interesting statistics regarding its support team and providing services to its customers, which you can read comprehensively in the PDF file of its annual report.

One of the important features of OKEX that has been able to attract many users and keep them satisfied is the 24/7 support. This issue is considered a great advantage and superiority for this exchange in front of its competitors.

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

The importance of human resources

The employees or rather the human capital of this trading platform are considered to be one of its extremely important and fundamental pillars, whose support, growth and education have always been among its organizational priorities in order to provide the best and most perfect services to its users.

According to slide number 44, OK Exchange digital currency exchange has not stopped recruiting more forces and expanding its team and is trying to bring a stronger and more efficient team for Iranians interested in buying digital currency.

Review and look at OK Exchange's annual report!

A few words before the end…

In this article, we tried to summarize OK Exchange’s annual report on its birthday, along with the key and essential features that distinguish it from its competitors. To read this report in full, you can download its PDF file from the OK Exchange digital currency exchange website through the following link; Thank you for being with us.

Get the full report file:


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