Nobitex exchange launched the OCO order registration feature

صرافی نوبیتکس اعلام کرد شایعاتی مبنی بر مسدود سازی حساب بانکی کاربران صحت ندارد

Nobitex exchange has recently made it possible to place orders OCO has provided the possibility of registering two orders at the same time. If one of the orders is fulfilled, the other order will be canceled automatically.

Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world offer various programs and campaigns by offering their products to their users every day. In the rest of this article, we will explain the details of the announcements of each exchange separately. At the end of this post, there is a table of the latest cryptocurrencies and various Riyal and Dollar markets added to the exchanges.

This post is not an investment recommendation and is merely a reflection of cryptocurrency exchange news.

Nobitex exchange

Ability to order OCO to Nobitex exchange added.

  • Details: OCO order basically stands for One Cancels the Other. It means “cancellation of one by means of another”. This order consists of a combination of two orders “with price determination” and “definite loss limit” and as soon as one of these two orders matches, the other order will be canceled. With the OCO order, you can predict your exit price for both rising and falling market conditions and do not fall behind possible rises or possible falls will not harm your assets.

This feature is currently available in the web version and the Android application and will soon be added to the iOS application.

Morbit Exchange

Morbit Exchange He announced the update of his trading platform.

  • Details: In the new version of the Morbit exchange site, focusing on two topics Improvement of old services And Adding new and user-friendly serviceschanges in advanced market segments, combination of P2P market and swap market, full node support of popular blockchain networks, invite code system, receiving the lowest Tether base fee, cryptocurrency swap with free fee and fee reduction with increasing transactions are given.

In the new version of Morbit, 4 user levels have been designed for users, and each of these levels will pay a specific fee based on the volume of their transactions. In the table below, you can see the different user levels and the amount of fees they have to pay:

User level Volume of transactions per month Fee paid
shrimp Above 20 million tomans 0.35%
crab Between 20 and 50 million tomans 0.3%
octopus Between 50 and 100 million tomans 0.25%
the whale Above 100 million tomans 0.2%

Coin exchange

Kocoin exchange announced the closure of Solana main network token deposit and withdrawal services.

Details: Kocoin Exchange announced that due to system maintenance, for the safety of users’ accounts and assets, it has decided to suspend deposit and withdrawal services for Solana Core Tokens (SOL).

Binance exchange

Binance exchange announced the completion of integration of BUSD with Avalanche and Polygon networks.

  • Details: Binance exchange announced that the BUSD cryptocurrency has been launched in the Avalanche and Polygon networks, and the deposit and withdrawal addresses of this stablecoin have been added to these networks. So users can deposit and withdraw BUSD through these networks.

Binance exchange announced the launch of a special loan (VIP Loan) to the Binance Loan service.

  • Details: Special Loan is an enterprise-level and secure loan service for Binance VIP users. In this way, VIP users can increase their liquidity while enjoying more flexible loan terms, lower loan interest rates and higher borrowing limits.

Binance exchange announced the addition of LOOM cryptocurrency to the collateralable cryptocurrencies and SAPI API to the Binance Loan service.

PancakeSwap Exchange

Pancake Swap announced the integration with Opera Crypto Browser.

  • Details: Pancake Swap announced that Opera Crypto Browser is syncing with Pancake Swap on the BNB chain to provide faster and easier swaps.

Pancake Swap has burned 7,072,029 cake tokens in its weekly token burning.

One Inch Exchange (1Inch)

One Inch Exchange burned 165.3 Ether worth $258,000 in its weekly token burning.

  • Details: In this way, the total of burned ethers reached 38.7 thousand ethers in the amount of 124.5 million dollars.

Iranian users should note that because Iran is on the OFAC list, no organization is legally allowed to provide services to Iranian users, so most foreign exchanges have limited authentication for Iranian users. Authentication with an Iranian passport in foreign exchanges is like closing your account. So there is a possibility of loss of users’ capital in these exchanges. It is recommended not to use these exchanges with Iranian authentication.

The following cryptocurrencies and trading markets have been removed and added to the list of services of domestic and foreign digital currency exchanges:

exchange New cryptocurrency Spot market Deleted passwords
conversion PSG
domestic market
gate ITSB
hobby MPLX
  • In which Iranian exchange is it possible to register an OCO order?

It is possible to register an OCO order at the Nobitex exchange. This order consists of a combination of two orders “with price determination” and “definite loss limit” and as soon as one of these two orders matches, the other order will be canceled. With the OCO order, you can predict your exit price for both ups and downs of the market, and you won’t be left behind by possible ups or downs that won’t hurt your assets.

  • Which exchange has the lowest digital currency price?

Go to the exchange price comparison page and compare the prices of different digital currencies.

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