Miner price in the Iranian market; Factors affecting the price of the extraction machine

قیمت ماینر در بازار ایران؛ عوامل مؤثر بر قیمت دستگاه استخراج

With the expansion of the Bitcoin and digital currency market, the number of those who want to mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies increases day by day, and as you probably know, the most important thing to start the activity is to get a mining device or “miner”. .

As its name suggests, a miner is a device used to mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Miners are ASIC devices specifically designed to mine digital currencies. ESIC devices, or integrated circuits with specific applications, are circuits that are designed only for a specific application and do not have the ability to perform other operations; But they do the purpose for which they are designed with the greatest possible power and speed.

However, the price of IC devices is higher than conventional circuits due to their high production cost. Also, due to the issue of sanctions and new legislation that we observe from time to time, the price of these devices in Iran is variable and higher than the international standard.

The set of these factors has made us devote this article to examining the mining situation and the price of miner devices in Iran. In the continuation of this article, you will first read a brief overview of the mining industry in Iran and then learn about the price of miner devices in the Iranian market. At the end, you will get to know the factors affecting the price of miner devices. Stay with us.

Mining situation in Iran

The situation of the digital currency mining industry in Iran is much more complicated than it seems. Until the beginning of 2018, Iranian miners were operating strongly in this industry and the conditions were favorable; But in June 2018, a wave of rigid restrictions began. In the summer of that year, thousands of mining machines were seized and dozens of activists faced heavy fines.

The price of the miner device in the Iranian market;  Factors affecting the price of the extraction machine
In 2018, news was published every day with the title “Discovery of contraband extraction devices”.

On 13 August 2018, the mining resolution was approved by the government. This resolution recognized mining as a legal activity; But the miners were required to obtain a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade. Mining with agricultural, industrial, domestic and commercial electricity was also banned. According to this decree, the miners had to receive electricity from the Ministry of Energy with an export tariff, which with an average price of 965 Tomans per kilowatt, this tariff was almost 9 times higher than the industrial electricity that the miners used before.

On the other hand, due to customs problems, most of the mining machines in the country were labeled as contraband, which could be seized by judicial authorities according to the law.

In April 1400, the rules regarding electricity supply to mining centers were changed once again. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Energy, the times of the year were divided into three categories: type 1 (critical peak), type 2 (load limitation) and type 3 (normal), each of which had its own tariff and conditions. Based on this, the price of each kilowatt hour of electricity consumed by mining centers was determined to be equal to 16,574 rials, which was calculated with a factor of half in type 3 (normal) times and with a factor of 2 in type 2 (limited) times. Also, in the times of type 1 (critical peak), the sale of electricity to mining centers through the network was prohibited.

On June 5, 1400, following frequent power outages in Iran, the twelfth government officially banned digital currency mining until the end of September. This law also included licensed miners.

The latest changes in the legislation related to mining in Iran are related to 23 Aban 1401. This regulation was previously approved by the government on the 6th of September 1401 and included instructions for mining farms and other mining industry activists in the country.

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The price of the most popular miner devices in Iran

After the problems of the mining industry activists in Iran that we mentioned above, the buying and selling of mining machines in the country also faced a crisis.

Today, mining machines are still bought and sold in Iran; But its market is by no means regulated and safe. The price difference of devices between different sellers is relatively high and on the other hand, many fraudsters have planned to empty the pockets of unsuspecting people.

So, be sure to do your thorough research when buying a mining machine, preferably in person.

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Below is a list of the prices of 16 new and popular bitcoin mining machines. These devices are used on an industrial scale. Some of the devices we are referring to are the newest miners in the world; But some others are older and have less mining power. However, some old miners still haven’t lost their profitability and are popular in Iran.

Update time: November 1401

extraction device (power) Price in Iran Device status
Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd 198TH/s 1 billion 490 million Tomans Akband
Antminer S19 XP Hyd 255TH/s 620 million tomans Akband
Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro (110Th) 120 to 236 million tomans Akband
MicroBT Whatsminer M30S (88Th) 82 to 110 million tomans Akband
Bitmain Antminer S17+ (73Th) 51 to 144 million tomans Conditioned and used
Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro (53Th) 27 to 108 million tomans Conditioned and used
MicroBT Whatsminer M31S (70Th) 62 to 145 million tomans Conditioned and used
MicroBT Whatsminer M20S (68Th) 39 to 76 million tomans Akband
Bitmain Antminer T17+ (55Th) 41 to 70 million tomans Conditioned and used
MicroBT Whatsminer M21S (56Th) 27 to 37 million Tomans Conditioned and used
Bitmain Antminer S9j (14.5Th) 5.5 to 18 million tomans Conditioned and used
Bitmain Antminer S11 (20.5Th) 9 to 22 million tomans Conditioned and used
Bitmain Antminer T19 (84Th) 73 to 268 million tomans Conditioned and used
MicroBT Whatsminer M32 (68Th) 43 to 77 million tomans Akband
Bitmain Antminer S19 (95Th) 84 to 384 million tomans Conditioned and used
MicroBT Whatsminer M21S (58Th) 25 to 45 million tomans Akband

These prices are written based on the data available on miner seller sites, reviews of second-hand goods sales websites, and also by asking mining experts, and may not be accurate; Therefore, don’t be satisfied with this information and make a purchase by checking the specifications of the devices and the credibility of the sellers.

Factors affecting the miner price

The shorter the return on investment (ROI) or the time it takes to pay back the purchase of a device, the higher the demand for that device and the higher its price naturally; But in general, the most important factors that affect the price of a miner are:

Processing power or hash rate of the device

Hash rate shows the processing power of mining devices and the higher it is, the higher the power of the device. Simply put, this processing power means how much the mining machine can help the network process blocks.

Therefore, the higher the processing power or hash rate, the more computing power the device has and the more digital currency it extracts at a given time.

electricity consumption

Electricity consumption, along with hash rate, is the most important variable that has a direct impact on mining profitability, return on investment, and as a result, the miner’s price. In countries where the electricity tariff is high, high consumption mining devices (relative to power) are very cheap.

Meanwhile, some new models that have recently entered the market, such as the Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd 198TH/s model or the Antminer S19 XP Hyd 255TH/s model, have higher power consumption than their older models, and at the same time, these two models use fans instead of fans. Conventionally, miner devices use water coolers, which has reduced the noise of the devices from 70 to 50 dB.

Network status and price

Network difficulty (Difficulty) is a variable in Bitcoin and some digital currencies that increases with the increase of network processing power and makes mining more difficult.

When the difficulty of mining increases and the price of the desired digital currency (such as the price of Bitcoin) does not increase, the profitability of miner devices decreases and as a result, their price also decreases.

Due to the arrival of new mining devices, the power of the network will increase and the difficulty will increase, as a result, after a while, the profitability of the old mining devices will disappear and their price will fall.

Weight and size

The smallness and so-called compactness as well as the lightness of the mining devices are considered as an advantage and have an impact on the price of these devices. The weight and size of the mass used devices are almost similar to each other.

Manufacturer’s company and brand

Surely, when you buy a laptop or a phone, one of the most important issues you pay attention to is the brand of that product. Some products are priced higher simply because the brand and the factory that produced it have a brilliant history in that field.

Among mining devices, the company that produced them is also very important. One of the most famous companies that currently produce mining devices is Bitmain (Bitmain), producer of Antminer miners and Mikrobit company (MicroBT), the producer of Whatsminer miners pointed out. The prices of the products of these two companies are higher than other companies.

Akband or device working

As you can guess and you have seen in the price table of the devices, one of the key factors in determining the price of a miner is its working condition. We mentioned earlier that the price of miners in Iran is variable and does not follow fixed principles. This applies to both Akband devices and used devices; But all in all, Akband devices have a higher price than used types.

Regarding used devices, of course, the newer and healthier a device is, the higher its price; So that the price of some used devices can be somewhat equal to its Akband versions.

When buying used miners, be sure to pay attention to points such as the way of maintaining the device, the conditions in which the device was kept, the health of its body and its sound. Miners are high-depreciation devices and their use requires special care. If these devices are not maintained in good condition, their lifespan will be reduced.


In this article, we tried to take a look at the digital currency mining industry in Iran, examine its challenges, introduce some of the most famous miner devices that are available in Iran, and state their price range.

However, we mentioned throughout the article and we repeat again that the mining of digital currencies is prohibited and illegal in Iran. This work has challenges that, in addition to the usual challenges of mining (difficulty of mining, falling prices of digital currencies, electricity costs, legal obstacles, obsolescence of devices, etc.), make it a risky process.

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If you still intend to buy a miner device with all the points mentioned, you should note that these devices are often illegally and smuggled into the country, which results in a large price gap, no customer support, and many scams.

Also, we emphasize again that the prices mentioned in this article are taken from internal sites and active miner sellers, and there is no recommendation from Erzdigital website to buy or not to buy these devices.


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