Market Situation: Bitcoin’s slight volatility coincides with Luna Classic’s double-digit jump

وضعیت بازار: نوسان ناچیز بیت کوین هم‌زمان با جهش دورقمی لونا کلاسیک

Market situation: slight fluctuation of Bitcoin at the same time as the double-digit jump of Luna Classic – Digital Currency

The Bitcoin market has been largely uneventful since the start of this week, and the price is still hovering around $19,000. Most of the altcoins are having a quiet day as well, and have mostly fallen slightly over the past 24 hours. Among the known currencies, only Luna Classic has experienced a double-digit growth in the past day and night.

To Report Cryptopotato, cryptocurrencies have had a quiet week so far unlike last week. Last Sunday, Bitcoin was trading at around $19,000 and is currently hovering around that.

Buyers pushed the price near $20,400 at one point, but the move did not last long and Bitcoin once again fell below $19,000. However, buyers immediately retook the $19,000 level and since then the price has not fallen below this key level. Only in the meantime, after reaching above $20,000 on Friday, the price went back down again.

The market value of Bitcoin is currently equal to 366 billion dollars, and its dominance rate on the digital currency market is estimated at 39.5%.

Market Situation: Bitcoin's slight volatility coincides with Luna Classic's double-digit jump
Bitcoin price chart; One-day view of the “Bitcoin/USD” market.

Most of the altcoins have also been virtually flat over the past 24 hours and have recorded minor losses. Ethereum has lost 2.8% of its value in this time frame and is now trading below $1,300. It should be noted that Ethereum has not had a good price performance since the Merge update.

Solana, Polkadata, Ripple, Cardano, Binance Coin, Dogecoin and Shiba Ino are among the currencies that have experienced a slight drop in the last 24 hours. Luna Classic (LUNC) also has the best performance among known currencies with 13.43% growth in the last day and night and nearly 50% growth in the last week. The total market value of digital currencies is currently equal to 926 billion dollars.

Market Situation: Bitcoin's slight volatility coincides with Luna Classic's double-digit jump
Digital currency market map on
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