@iran username was sold in Telegram for 4 billion tomans

نام کاربری iran@ در تلگرام با قیمت ۴میلیارد تومان فروخته شد

user name [email protected] Recently, Telegram usernames have been sold in the market for 4 billion Tomans. buyer [email protected] One of the largest aggregators of usernames sold on the newly established marketplace is Telegram, which operates on the TON (TON) blockchain network platform.

According to Erzdigital, Telegram’s development team has launched a market called Fragment for buying and selling usernames of this messenger. In this platform, it is possible for people to buy and sell usernames belonging to their account, groups or their Telegram channels in the form of unique tokens and on the platform of your blockchain (The Open Network).

In addition to the users, Telegram itself also sold some special four-character usernames that were previously not possible to register and use in this message. The price of some of these usernames is a significant amount and according to Pavel Dorf, the founder of Telegram, the fragment market has sold a total of 50 million dollars of usernames in less than a month.

The data available on the Fragment platform shows that the 3 most expensive Telegram usernames that have been sold so far are auto, @[email protected] And [email protected] Taking into account the current price of Toon Coin, the token of the Toon network with which fragment user names are traded, about 1.76 million dollars, 1.55 million dollars and 1.47 million dollars have been spent to buy them, respectively.

@iran username was sold in Telegram for 4 billion tomans
The most expensive usernames sold on the fragment market.

Among these special and expensive usernames that Telegram itself sells, the four-letter username [email protected] is also seen. According to the data recorded in the fragment, the user name [email protected] On November 19 (Aban 28), 68,000 units of Toncoin equivalent to $115,600 (about 4 billion Tomans) were sold.

buyer [email protected] is one of the largest collectors of usernames sold on Fragment and according to the information on ““, other expensive usernames such as [email protected] And [email protected] also has It should be noted that an account is currently created using a username [email protected] It is not active and its owner most likely bought this username for investment purposes only.

Telegram had previously stopped its digital currency project (Gram) due to legal pressures in the United States, and since then it has not been particularly active in this field, until a little later, a group of developers who introduced themselves as independent from the Telegram team started the same project. They continued under the new name “The Open Network”. The Telegram team also confirmed that it has nothing to do with Tun’s new project, but supports it.

Telegram has been relatively conservative in dealing with digital currencies since the suspension of the Gram project, for fear of getting involved in legal issues again. Despite this, the profit from the sale of user names in the fragment market using blockchain technology and non-monogamous tokens has probably encouraged the managers of this group to interact more with the digital currency space.

Pavel Dorf recently announced on his Telegram channel that their next goal after the success of Fragment is to launch a decentralized exchange and trustless wallets to help decentralize the cryptocurrency space. He has said that the blockchain industry should be able to fulfill its main mission, and according to Dorf, this mission is “returning power to the people”.


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