introducing airdrops of the week; How to get Shardeum airdrop?

introducing airdrops of the week;  How to get Shardeum airdrop?

Airdrop distributes project tokens to users for free as an advertising solution. To receive these tokens, users usually have to perform activities that will lead to the recognition and use of the project. In this case, usually few tokens must be distributed among many people, which results in a very low chance of people winning. Another model of Airdrop There are those that require more complex tasks from users, but the chances of winning them are much higher. This model is related to network testnet and we are on Tuesday every week Introducing Airdrop We will pay one of them. In this article Shardeum network We introduce and teach how to participate in its testnet. Of course, this project has not officially announced its airdrop yet, but it is not bad to do these activities so that we have a chance to win in case of a possible airdrop. Stay with the country of blockchain.

Introducing Shardeum Airdrop

Introducing Chardiom Airdrop

Shardiom It is a smart contract platform based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that has linear scalability; This means that by increasing the number of nodes in this network, its scalability will increase and it can process more transactions per second. Chardiom claims to bring low transaction fees along with true decentralization and security. In other words, they say that as a layer 1 blockchain, they have solved the blockchain trilemma.

The Shardiom network aims to have billions of daily users and a large number of decentralized applications in its ecosystem. Chardiom smart contracts are written in user and developer friendly programming language Solidity and Vyper.

In its unique technology, Chardiom has combined the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism with the Proof of Quorum consensus mechanism. This consensus mechanism causes low energy consumption.

In Shardium, transactions are processed in the same order as they are received before being placed in blocks. This means that all users pay the same gas fee to process their transactions and the network conditions are fair.

Consensus of the Shardium network is done at the transaction level instead of at the block level; Therefore, the processing of each transaction can be done simultaneously among the shards. Consensus at the level of transactions will bring benefits such as immediate finalization, low delay and avoiding network congestion. Complete and detailed explanations about the components of the consensus and sharding mechanism in the Shardeum network have not yet been provided and will soon be added to the project document.

In Chardiom network, nodes are divided into three categories, which are:

  • Validator nodes: These nodes participate in the consensus process and validate the transactions. They must stake some amount of SHM and will be rewarded for this contribution. These nodes do not store the entire network history, so they are lightweight.
  • Archive nodes: The task of these nodes is to keep the entire history of transactions. These nodes will also be rewarded for participating in the network, but may or may not have staked SHM.
  • Standby nodes: These nodes are validators that are on standby in the network but do not participate in the consensus process. These nodes help to scale when network traffic increases. They may also need to stake SHM and also possibly earn a portion of the network reward.

According to the mentioned cases, Chardiom network can have a wide range of applications. Payment between two parties without any intermediary, with very low fees and quick finalization is the ideal option. DeFi projects that suffer from high fees can use Chardiom. Chardiom would also be a good choice for areas such as real estate or digital identity and intellectual property that are linked to NFT tokens. Also, compatibility with EVM makes it easy for developers.

Tocnomics Chardium

Tokonomics Chardium SHM

The maximum number of SHM tokens is equal to 508 million units. The distribution of these tokens is as follows:

  • 51% to reward 90s
  • 18% for sale (a period of 3 months is locked and then it will be released linearly for up to two years)
  • 15% for the team (a period of 3 months is locked and then it will be released linearly for up to two years)
  • 11 percent for Chardiom Foundation
  • 5% for ecosystem and airdrop

Shardeum roadmap

Chardiom’s roadmap consists of 5 main sections. The first part is related to the years 2017 to 2021 and things like designing and testing the consensus algorithm, automatic scaling and linear scaling have been done in it.

In the first quarter of 2022, preliminary tests were conducted on network sharding, smart contracts, and the node reward system. Also, the Chardiom Foundation was established in Switzerland. The second quarter of 2022 was the time for private sales. In addition, Alphanet was also launched, which includes things such as sending transactions and establishing smart contracts.

Betanet version was supposed to be launched in the third quarter of 2022. This has not happened yet and it is likely to happen in the fourth season. In Bethan, community members can become network nodes, and the network must reach at least 1280 nodes and 200 transactions per second (TPS). At the end of the year, it is said that SHM tokens will be created and public sale will be done at the same time as the main network launch.

Hardium team

There are two people in the Shardeum team who both have good resumes. first one Nischal Shetty He is also the founder of the Indian exchange WazirX and Crowdfire. The goal that Nishal has set for himself is to bring decentralization and its benefits to all the people of the world.

second person Omar Syed He is known as the architect of distributed systems. He has 30 years of experience working at NASA, Yahoo, Raytheon and Zynga. His goal is to eliminate global poverty and hunger with the help of blockchain technology. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Case Western Reserve University in the United States between 1984 and 1995.

Information about Chardiom Airdrop

As of this writing, Hardium has yet to officially announce the Airdrop. What is known is that they have allocated 25.4 million SHM tokens for the ecosystem and Airdrop.

Given that the details and process of the airdrop have not yet been announced, it is possible that performing the activities described in the next section will qualify us to receive free tokens. So it seems worth spending 10 minutes and doing the following steps.

Chardiom recently raised $30 million in funding, and some sources have valued it as a $200 million startup. Spartan Group, Struck Crypto, Big Brain Holdings and Cogitent Ventures are among the investors of Chardium.

How to participate in Shardeum airdrop?

Step 1: Install the wallet and add the network

Metamask wallet is the most suitable option to start. If you don’t have this wallet, install it first. You can see its complete tutorial in this link. After installing the wallet, you need to add the Shardiom test network to it. For this purpose, you must click on Add Network from the Metamask Networks section as shown in the picture below.

Adding Chardium to Metamask

Then enter the following information as shown in the image below.

Shardium network information to add to Metamask

Network Name: Shardeum Liberty 1.3


Chain ID: 8080

Currency symbol (optional): SHM

/Block Explorer URL (optional):

Second step: receiving the test token

Receive Chardiom test token

To get test tokens to fast shardium at This link Visit and then click on Tweet now according to the picture above. So obviously you need a Twitter account.

Receive Chardiom test token 2

The text you need will be automatically added to your tweet. You just enter your Metamsk wallet address instead of the default address. This section can be seen in the image above. After entering the address, post your tweet

Receive Chardiom test token 3

After tweeting the desired post of Fast Chardiom, copy its link. Return to Fast page and enter the link in the box shown in the above image. Then click on Request SHM.

Receive Chardiom test token 4

Test tokens should be created immediately in your wallet, which you can control your balance as shown in the photo above.

Step 3: Swap tokens

Swap tokens in Shardiom

After you have received Chardiom’s test tokens, go to its decentralized exchange This link go. Then click on Connect Wallet and connect your Metamask wallet to this wallet.

Swap in Dex Hardium

To make an exchange you need to select a token against SHM and then select the desired amount. Be careful not to select all of your test SHM tokens, as you will need some in the next section.

Confirmation of the transaction in Chardiom

Then click on Swap and confirm the transaction in Metamask.

Fourth step: Creating a liquidity token (LP Token)

Liquidity part of Dex Chardiom

Go to the Liquidity section and click on Add Liquidity.

Add liquidity in Shardiom

In this section, select two tokens for which you have balance in your wallet. Naturally, one of these tokens is SHM and the other is the token you swapped in the previous step. Then choose the amount you want for both tokens and start adding cash. Then you need to confirm the transaction in Metamask.

Liquidity created in Shardiom

If you have followed the steps correctly, you can see the currency pair for which you have created liquidity in the Liquidity section. That’s all the steps you need to take. Hardium Betanet is expected to be launched in late 2022.

Receive airdrop Chardiom for Iranian users

Iranian users, like other countries, can participate in the test net activities of Chardiom network and have a share of it if the token is distributed. As always, we recommend using a VPN. As we said, this project has not yet officially announced the airdrop, but it is worth spending 10 minutes so that if you do this, you will also be eligible to receive free tokens.


Airdrops are usually simple and the chances of receiving them are also low. With the growth of the ecosystem and the community of crypto activists, a new model of airdrops is booming, which is related to the test network of new projects. In this case, the tasks that users have to do are more complicated, and of course, they probably have a higher chance to qualify. In this article to Introducing Shardeum Airdrop We paid and taught how to participate in it. What do you think about this model of airdrops? Share your experiences with us.

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