If you are interested in Metaverse, don’t miss watching these 5 movies and series

اگر به متاورس علاقه دارید، تماشای این ۵ فیلم و سریال را از دست ندهید

Today, metaverse is a common term that we hear every day. This word, which is a combination of two words “Meta” (Meta) and “Verse” (Verse), was first used in 1992 in a novel called “Snow Crash” (Snow Crash) written by Neal Stephenson. Of course, we should not forget that changing the name of the Facebook company to Meta also made this term more popular.

Although the metaverse is still in its infancy and has a long way to go, movies and series have long used the magical art of cinema to imagine the concept. Thanks to the creative minds of great directors and artists, the cinema industry has created diverse and astonishing worlds.

Many movies and series have been made in the world, the central theme or a part of their story is related to the metaverse. In this article, we are going to introduce five examples of the most successful movies in this field. If you are also eager to take a look at the future of the world and its interaction with the metaverse, we suggest you follow our article at the end.

The Matrix

If you are interested in Metaverse, don't miss watching these 5 movies and series

matrix Behraet is one of the most important and famous films in the science fiction genre of cinema history. This movie is about virtual reality and part of Metaverse; Of course, we don’t see all aspects of this metaverse world in this work. However, when talking about the best Metaverse movies, this classic series cannot be mentioned. matrix It depicts a world where humans are trapped in a reality simulated by virtual intelligence. The name of this world is the Matrix.

The hero of the film is a person named neo (Neo) who works as a programmer during the day and appears as a hacker at night. In his searches, Neo notices things and with a person named MorpheusMorpheus meets the seer; Of course, this character becomes one of the important people in the movie and continues to be placed in the position of Neo’s coach. In his meeting with Neo, he offers a choice between understanding the truth of the world or continuing with an ordinary life. By choosing to understand the real world and by eating a red pill, while immersed in a special liquid, Neo enters a machine. He comes to his senses.

He soon discovers that he is not alone and that there are thousands of other people around him in similar devices. Neo discovers that the world he has lived in so far is not real; Rather, it is a simulated interactive system. In the real world, human-made robots that get their energy from the sun have risen to dominate their creators. To counter them, humans have darkened the sky to deprive the robots of the endless source of energy from the sun. On the other hand, rogue robots also try to use humans as a source of energy.

The world of the Matrix can be considered a real nightmare; Because, on the one hand, it leads us into the illusion that the metaverse is the only existing reality, and on the other hand, it puts us in front of the revolution of the machines. What will happen to humans if the same technology that created the metaverse for us makes robots aware and empowered? This is a fear that we have to face sooner or later. The first part matrix It was released on the screen in 1999. The success of this film made three more parts of it. Reloading the Matrix (2003) and Matrix revolutions (2003) and Matrix resurrections (2021) were three other parts of this collection that were made and released in the following years.

Ready Player One

If you are interested in Metaverse, don't miss watching these 5 movies and series

Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) in 2018 movie Number one player ready made the This movie shows a perfect example of Metaverse. In The Matrix, humans were forced to live in virtual reality; but in Number one player ready It is not so. In this movie, humans enter the metaverse by their own choice.

Story Number one player ready It takes place in 2045; When the pollution and population explosion has destroyed the planet and the cities have turned into slums where the only thought of the residents is survival. In such a situation, people seek refuge in a virtual world called Oasis. This infinite virtual world was created by a person named James Halliday, who is now dead; But his digital avatar is still present in this metaverse and communicates with others with the aim of finding an heir to control this metaverse.

Holliday has hidden the key to the leadership of Oasis somewhere, and whoever finds it will inherit the world. In this metaverse, organized groups to ordinary people like a young man named Wade Watts, who happens to be the hero of the film, compete to find this key. People enter this metaverse through a special device and headset and appear in it in any way they want and are free to do whatever they like. These features made the viewer identify with this futuristic film and gain a good understanding of the metaverse in it.

Wreck-It Ralph

If you are interested in Metaverse, don't miss watching these 5 movies and series

Have you ever wondered what computer game characters can do besides running, jumping and shooting? Animation Wrecker Ralph Made by Disney in 2012, it takes place in the video game world. In this film, we are not on the side of humans entering the metaverse; Rather, we are dealing with fictional characters in the metaverse who are trying to penetrate the real world.

Ralph is the villain of the game who is tired of causing havoc and wants to be a good being. His attempt to become a hero leads to the ruin of his game. Ralph has the power to travel across the internet and jump from game to game. At night, when the gaming machines are turned off, the characters communicate with their rivals and characters from other games. This shows the possibility of interconnection in the worlds of the metaverse.

However, the problem with Ralph is that nobody likes bad guys. People love heroes; So when the first first-person shooter arrives, Ralph thinks he’s found his ticket to happiness and heroism. When Ralph enters the game with the goal of winning, he unleashes a terrible enemy that threatens the existence of all games.

Sword Art Online

If you are interested in Metaverse, don't miss watching these 5 movies and series

Anime series The art of fencing online It depicts a world where most people are immersed in a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Players enter the game wearing a helmet that connects to the nerves in their neck. This hat conveys all the five senses in this metaverse to the players and they can control their character in the game with their mind.

After testing the beta version of the game, when all players log into the main game, they suddenly find that there is no option to exit. The creator of the game informs them that in order to exit the game, they must pass all 100 stages of this online world called Aincard. The main nightmare for players is that if they are killed in the game, in reality, the special helmet sends a signal to their brain that causes them to die. Even if someone takes off the hat in the middle of the game, they will still be killed. So the players understand that they have no choice but to finish the game.

Anime series The art of fencing online It is a fun and at the same time unusual reference to the way society deals with the metaverse and its various dimensions. This series shows that online gaming is not just a social disease or a way to escape from real life; Rather, it is a way to explore other aspects of life beyond the confines of the real world.


If you are interested in Metaverse, don't miss watching these 5 movies and series

Many science fiction movies and series are about the distant future; But about upload It is not so. Serial upload It was made in 2020 and its story takes place in 2033. In this movie, dying people can upload their conscious mind into a virtual world and live there forever. In fact, it is the metaverse virtual world that has made life after death possible for humans.

Metaverse of the series upload It has a structural similarity with our real world and that is the class divide. Those who have more money can transfer their consciousness to a metaverse that is Brian’s paradise, where they can do whatever they want and communicate with anyone, dead or alive; But poor and poor people go to a metaverse that does not have many facilities and the freedoms of its residents are also limited.

Hero upload It’s a programmer named Nathan whose wealthy fiance self-consciously uploads him before his death. After death, Nathan finds himself in a glorious virtual paradise called Lake View. In this virtual paradise, a woman named Nora is Nathan’s assistant and accompanies him until Nathan adapts to the new world. upload It was made and published in two seasons of 10 and 7 episodes.


The five movies and series that were introduced in this article have depicted the innovations and capabilities and different possible forms of the metaverse. In these works, we see what changes the metaverse can create in human life and what dangers and opportunities it seeks for mankind.

The film and cinema industry has always been a leader in predicting human life and future technologies. Many of the technologies we have today were predicted decades ago in futuristic and science fiction movies and series. It is the same with the Metaverse, and even years before this technology was created, imaginative examples of it were created by the creative minds of artists and filmmakers.

Many tech giants like Meta and Microsoft have already stepped up to build their own Metaverse. No one knows what the future of man and the technologies created by him will be like; But these films can draw a general plan of the future so that the society can have a logical and better understanding of its dimensions before the emergence of serious examples of the metaverse.


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