Head of the Central Bank: The preliminary stage of official testing of Rial cryptocurrency has started with the amount of 1 billion Tomans

مرحله مقدماتی اجرای آزمایشی رمز ریال

In his television interview, the head of the central bank announced that the “stage before the official test” for the Rial code has started a week ago in two banks, Melli and Mellat, and with two stores with an amount of one billion tomans. He stated that after identifying and solving the technical problems at this stage, the official testing of the Rial code will begin. Earlier, it was promised that the trial implementation of the Rial code would begin in September.

According to Mehen Blockchain and quoted by Sedavasima news agency, Central Bank Governor Ali Salehabadi answered a number of questions about the Rial code and its implementation time in the “Special News Interview” program, which is detailed below.

One of the pillars of the cryptocurrency implementation was the central bank, and a mechanism was supposed to be established for the implementation of the Rial cryptocurrency by the end of September. Where did this issue end?

Salehabadi: Regarding the Rial code, we have done our duties in the central bank and the rest is in the Ministry of Security, so that the extracted code can be used for importing goods in a system. Also, people who have a license to mine cryptocurrency can use the mined cryptocurrency to import.

What will be the import system?

Salehabadi: The details of this system will be announced later; However, the initial steps to implement this system have been carried out by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Security; Cryptocurrency is provided in this system and importers can receive cryptocurrency from this system and import.

Is this system separate from the comprehensive trading system?

Salehabadi: The order registration comes from the comprehensive trade system and the regulation of cryptocurrency mining and its supply in the market for import has been approved by the government with amendments. With these interpretations, it is possible for importers to import using the desired cryptocurrency.

When will this system be usable?

Salehabadi: The Central Bank has fulfilled its duties and now we are waiting for the Ministry of Security; The Ministry of Security should adjust its systems in such a way that, in addition to currency, it is possible to buy cryptocurrency as well.

According to your statements, are the actions of the ministry of security in the infrastructure and technical field? What were the technical measures that the central bank had to take?

Salehabadi: Part of the work that was the responsibility of the central bank was done. We can talk about the details of the technical measures taken later.

Is the implementation time of the Rial code until the end of September?

Salehabadi: Yes. Rial code was supposed to be launched by the end of September; The work has started and the pre-trial process has started since last few days.

So we can say that the trial implementation of Rial password has started?

Salehabadi: Yes. How many days has it started? The pre-testing stage of this project has started in two banks, Melli and Mellat, with two stores and an amount of one billion tomans. This stage is implemented to identify possible technical problems so that we can reach the official testing stage.

Will the official test phase be implemented by the end of September this year?

Salehabadi: I hope. This plan was approved by the Banknote Reserve Supervisory Board with one billion Tomans and was made available to a limited number of people a week ago.

In case of a trial run in September, will the public have access to this plan?

Salehabadi: No. The trial stage will be for more people than this pre-trial period.



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