Head of Tax Affairs Organization: Cryptocurrencies transactions and their purchase and sale should be taxed

مالیات بر معاملات رمزارزها در ایران

Daud Manzoor, the head of the tax affairs organization, announced that cryptocurrency transactions and their purchase and sale should also be taxed.

According to Mehen Blockchain and quoted by IRNA, Daud Manzoor, the head of the country’s tax affairs organization, told reporters on the sidelines of the shopping terminals conference that the production of cryptocurrencies in the country is subject to regulations and regulations, but their buying, selling and trading is illegal and unofficial. Is.

The head of the tax affairs organization, referring to the payment portal that recently deposited 6 thousand billion tomans for the purpose of trading cryptocurrencies; It was reported that the tax on cryptocurrency transactions is one of the country’s important tax plans and a new tax base that helps to deal with speculation in the economy.

He added:

We act in accordance with the law regarding cryptocurrencies and those who have financial transactions are checked. Any kind of buying and selling that is done in a payment platform, as well as the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, is monitored.

Previously, in early August of this year, Mr. Manzoor considered cryptocurrency transactions as one of the methods of tax evasion in the country.

One month after this comment, Mehkameh Sharifzad, the head of the exchange working group of the Iranian Blockchain Association, announced that the tax on cryptocurrencies in 3 categories investment, Extraction And exchange It is levied on legal and natural persons, with the difference that legal persons are required to pay tax under any circumstances, but natural persons may be taxed depending on their performance and use of cryptocurrencies.

How is tax on cryptocurrencies calculated?

about Extraction According to the government directive, cryptocurrencies are the basis of tax calculation, taking into account the following:

  • Cryptocurrency mining centers are known as industrial units and are subject to tax regulations.
  • Crypto asset mining centers, if they export their product and return the resulting currency to the country’s economic cycle based on the Central Bank’s rules, they will be subject to the benefits stipulated in the tax laws and regulations.
  • If miners sell their cryptocurrencies on foreign sites or foreign exchanges, the IRS will treat them as if they were doing export business.

But about the other 2 categories mentioned in the words of Mahkame Sharifzad, i.e Investment and exchange There are no specific guidelines. Currently, only Article 131 of the Direct Taxes Law is relevant in this case. According to this article, income tax (not capital) is calculated on the following basis:

  • Tax free: The net income is up to 288 million rials.
  • 15% annual tax: The net income is up to 500 million Rials.
  • 20% annual tax: Net income up to one billion Rials.
  • 25% annual tax: Net income in excess of one billion Rials.

The mentioned article can be relevant for the investment of cryptocurrencies. There is still no mechanism for cryptocurrency transactions, but according to today’s interview with the head of the country’s tax affairs organization, a mechanism may be set up for this purpose.

According to the previous report of Mihan Blockchain and according to the new announcement of Shoprak, the limit of the transaction amount of the internet payment gateway has been reduced from 100 million tomans to 25 million tomans.

  • What activities are taxed in the field of cryptocurrencies?

According to the head of the country’s tax affairs organization, from now on, apart from the mining of cryptocurrencies, transactions and buying and selling of cryptocurrencies will also be taxed.

  • How is tax on cryptocurrency transactions calculated?

An exact mechanism for this work has not yet been determined. Currently, only Article 131 of the Direct Taxes Law is relevant in this regard, that the tax is determined on the basis of annual profit.



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