Get rewarded for listening to the Bitcoin Podcast!

با گوش‌کردن پادکست بیت کوین پاداش بگیرید!

A Bitcoin-based mobile payments company called ZEBEDEE has recently partnered with a podcast streaming platform called Fountain. Through this partnership, ZBD has made it possible for Fountain users to receive some Bitcoins in exchange for listening to their favorite podcasts.

To the report Decrypt, Ben Cousens, one of ZBD’s senior managers, said:

With this cooperation, we actually support a new model of business and economic activity that is not limited to the payment space and is an inclusive action.

ZBD, which started its activity since October 2019, is an active company in the field of computer games focusing on the use of Bitcoin, which offers various games on its platform. This company has recently launched two new games, Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, which were designed by Viker game studio.

In games based on the “Play to Earn” or “Play to Earn” model, users receive some reward for playing a game that has value in the real world. The Fountain platform does the same for podcasters in its “Listen to earn” model, and by connecting audiences and content producers, it has provided conditions for users to earn an amount for every minute they listen to different podcasts. Receive a certain amount of bitcoins.

In this model, instead of needing to launch massive advertising campaigns to attract an audience, content creators only pay people who actually listen to a podcast.

Cousins ​​says:

In a situation where money moves in line with information or in this particular case, audio content, a world of opportunities opens up in front of us and we are happy to be a pioneer in this field and with Fountain.

Fountain has launched its “listen to earn” program a little earlier, in June 2022 (June 1401). In this plan, users receive daily rewards for the first hour they listen to their favorite podcasts on this platform.

According to Fountain’s website description, the bonus rate on this platform is completely random; That is, one day you may be rewarded with one satoshi for every minute of podcast you listen, and another day with hundreds of satoshis. Besides, listening to the podcasts in the fountain at high speed cannot increase the user’s income; Because rewards are paid per minute of airtime. So if you finish a 60-minute podcast in 30 minutes at 2x speed, you won’t get rewarded after 30 minutes.

It should be noted that in order to attract more audiences, Fountain also displays the feed of other popular podcast platforms to its users so that they can access more diverse content. To withdraw their rewards, users can also connect their ZBD account to Fountain or transfer their rewards directly to a Lightning wallet.

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Oscar Merry, CEO of Fountain, said:

This model based on the exchange of value with value will be the future of content production. In a few years we’ll be laughing at how primitive and inefficient it was to pay subscription fees for platforms we had no idea how much we were going to use.


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