From updating Ethereum to holding two airdrops; 3 important events that we will witness this week

از به‌روزرسانی اتریوم تا برگزاری دو ایردراپ؛ ۳ اتفاق مهم که این هفته شاهد آن خواهیم بود

Ethereum’s Bellatrix update, which is the first phase of the Merge event, will be released this week. Besides that, we may see two separate airdrops this week.

To Report “The Block” Cryptocurrency market participants may still be reeling from the aftermath of the recent price drop, however, if we’re going to follow the industry’s overall developments, there are plenty of interesting things to look at. This week we will see the implementation of the first stage of the Ethereum network integration event; A move that paves the way for a major update in late September.

Along with the Bellatrix update, two separate airdrops are likely to take place this week, which we will discuss in the rest of this article.

Bellatrix update is coming

This week, an important step towards changing the Ethereum network mechanism to proof-of-stake has been taken and the first part of the two-phase integration update will be implemented. The Bellatrix update scheduled for September 6 will prepare the Ethereum blockchain for the final integration update. Ethereum nodes have also been asked to update their clients in order to prepare for Bellatrix and ensure this important upgrade goes smoothly.

If all goes well, a major integration update will follow next week as well. It should be noted that Ethereum integration occurs in the condition that the hash rate of the network reaches a certain level, and it is estimated that its implementation date will be September 15 (24 September).

Optimism airdrop and pseudoswap

Decentralized exchange 1inch announced last week that it plans to distribute 300,000 Optimism tokens to the users of its wallet (1inch Wallet) in the network of this layer two protocol and in the form of an airdrop. Those who exchanged tokens on the Optimism network through the One Inch wallet until September 1 (10 September) will receive an equal amount of “OP” tokens. The One Inch team has said that this airdrop will be done soon.

In addition, the Sudoswap platform has also said that it plans to introduce a sovereign token for its non-traditional token (NFT) market. This governance token is going to be distributed in the form of an airdrop among those who have locked the digital currency “XMON” in smart contracts, the holders of NFTs of the “0xmon” collection and the liquidity providers of this platform, and a part of it will be allocated to the members of the Sudoswap team and the treasury of this project. will be given.

The total supply of Sudoswap tokens is 60 million units and it is not clear when exactly this airdrop will take place, but it may happen this week.

The end of the deadline for government agencies to respond to Biden’s executive order

The deadline for US government agencies to respond to US President Joe Biden’s executive order on digital currencies ends tomorrow. Seven different reports from US government agencies are to be sent to the White House by September 5.

It should be noted that some institutions, such as the US Department of Treasury and Justice, have already sent their response to the White House.


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