FATA Police: Cryptocurrency fraud has increased in the last 2 years

FATA Police: Cryptocurrency fraud has increased in the last 2 years

Davoud Moazzami Gudarzi, head of Tehran FATA police, warned about fraud using cryptocurrency on the websites of buying and selling goods and announced that the trend of cryptocurrency fraud has increased in the last two years.

According to Mehen Blockchain and quoted by Ilna, Davoud Moazzami Gudarzi, the head of FATA police in Greater Tehran, said about the frauds that happen in the field of cryptocurrency:

In the last two years, there has been an increase in the filing of fraud cases in the field of cryptocurrency. The type of people who are scammed and who are losers are people who do not have enough education and knowledge in this field.

He stated:

These corrupt people use other people to make wallets for themselves, and even though they may be their closest friends, because they have the information, they later gain access to the corrupt account and extract all the funds.

Moazzami noted:

We advise all our compatriots to take any investment action they want to do knowingly and with sufficient literacy, because ignorance in this area will make their whole life overshadowed.

Unfortunately, in the discussion of digital currencies, we see that very large sums of money are stolen from people, because sometimes everyone invests their capital in order to gain more profit, and when they are exposed to danger and their privacy is violated, unfortunately, the whole Their capital goes to booty.

The head of FATA police in Greater Tehran said that the number of frauds related to cryptocurrency has seen an increase in the last two years. He said about the reasons for this:

This is due to various reasons, including the expansion of services in this area, various cryptocurrencies have come to the market, and there have been many frauds.

He said:

False advertisements in this field, such as getting rich overnight or paying large profits, have caused many people to fall into the trap of fraudsters and cybercriminals. In addition, there are currencies that do not have any support and increase its price in a formal way, which causes huge losses to the people who have lost their money. Phishing sites have increased in this area, and profit-seeking people have encouraged the user to enter their information in infected links under various pretexts under the title of guidance and advice, and unfortunately, all the information of these people has been stolen, causing all of these people’s lives to be destroyed. to go

In another part of his speech, he warned about buying and selling sites and said:

We have repeatedly advised people about such platforms that they must find out about the authenticity of the advertiser’s services and not be easily convinced. Validation is also possible with a little research.

Many of these people put a product cheaper than what it is on these sites and receive funds and are no longer responsive. Citizens should pay attention not to pay any deposit when buying goods and pay the cost upon delivery and also ensure the authenticity of the goods before delivery.


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