Ethereum Foundation’s new announcement; The detailed roadmap for Marj update has been published

Ethereum Foundation's new announcement;  The detailed roadmap for Marj update has been published

The Ethereum Foundation today released information on the roadmap and exact timing of the Marj update. In this announcement, the detailed steps of this update have been explained and basic questions about Marj have been answered.

According to Mihan Blockchain and quoted by the Ethereum Foundation, in New post The official blog confirmed that the Bellatrix update is scheduled to be released on IPAC 144896 at 11:34 UTC on September 6 (16:04 on September 15).

Transferring the Ethereum network to Proof of Stake, known as Marj, must first be enabled by updating Bellatrix on the China Beacon. After that and achieving a certain amount of overall difficulty of the network terminals, the proof-of-work chain will be transferred to the proof-of-stake.

Marj is a two-step process. The first step is to update Bellatrix, which is enabled at the consensus layer by IPAC height. The second stage, called Paris, during which the transfer of the executive layer of proof of work to proof of stake is done, is activated when the final total difficulty of the network (TTD) is reached.

Paris, which is part of the transition of the implementation layer in Marj Ethereum, will be activated at the final total difficulty of 58,750,000,000,000,000,000,000 and the network is expected on September 10-20 (September 19-29). It is difficult to achieve this amount. The exact date depends on the hashrate of the proof of work.

Ethereum 2 update information
Steps to update Marj Ethereum 2 source: Ethereum Foundation

After the executive layer achieves the mentioned TTD, the next block will be created by the China Beacon validator. Marj’s transfer is completed when the said block is completely produced by China’s beacon. Under normal network conditions, this happens 2 ipacks (approximately 13 minutes) after the first block is generated after the TTD.


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