E-Commerce Development Center: The cutoff of the payment gateway of businesses without this material does not include exchanges

درگاه پرداخت کسب‌وکارهای بدون اینماد از ۲۴ آبان قطع می‌شود؛ وضعیت صرافی‌های ارز دیجیتال در هاله‌ای از ابهام

One of the managers of the e-commerce development center has announced that the recent letter of Shaperak to the managers of payment providers and the deadline for the activity of internet terminals without Inmad does not include digital currency activists at the current stage.

According to Erzdigital and to quote In terms of payment, a week ago Shaperk announced in a letter to the managers of payment companies that from November 24, Internet terminals without this symbol or with an identity that does not match the owner of the symbol will be disabled by this company within six weeks from the mentioned date. This letter was also sent to payers in line with the government’s circular a few months ago to combat goods smuggling in cyberspace, but in the said circular there was no mention of fintech companies such as landtechs or cryptocurrencies, whose activities have not yet been regulated. Finally, this letter is a wave of protest from fintech activists; Especially, it followed the cryptocurrency exchanges and the collection of payments.

In the continuation of these protests, the Steering Commission of Digital Economy, in a letter to Shaperak, ordered to stop “requiring Internet terminals to obtain this material until November 24”. Although many hoped to stop this process with this letter, some others, including the head of the Fintech Association, said that Shaperk will not implement the request made in this letter; Because it does not take orders from the digital economy working group.

However, the E-Commerce Development Center, as the trustee of INMAD or the symbol of electronic trust in the country, says that the objections and concerns expressed by fintechs regarding the recent letter of Shoprek are unfounded. One of the managers of the e-commerce development center has announced that activists such as cryptocurrency exchanges will be an exception in the implementation of this Shoprak order.

The director of the e-commerce development center said in an interview with “Ra-Pasht” that it is not possible to stop the law that was enacted years ago and has been applied to PSPs and the new payment portal due to the protest of some people. According to him, hundreds of thousands of transactions are currently done through illegal sites, and this illegal activity should be stopped.

In response to the concern of cryptocurrency and landtech activists regarding the new letter from Shaperk and that their activities will be stopped, he said:

There is no concern in this regard. The necessary solutions have been given to the Central Bank and we are coordinating with the Central Bank in this regard. These protests are excuses.

He continued:

Now the discussion is about closing illegal sites that have hundreds of thousands of transactions daily and use the payment assistance service in this regard. I do not judge whether the payers are aware of this illegal activity or not and have turned a blind eye to it; But no matter what religion you are, such an issue cannot be tolerated in any country.

This official considered some objections to Shaperk’s recent letter to be pointless and stated that even the payers who do not provide services to cryptocurrency exchange platforms have protested now. According to him, some of these protests are caused by the unhealthy financial flow that has been created, and some payers benefit from this unhealthy financial flow, and it is not worth it for them to stop the activity of internet portals without a trust symbol.

He explained in response to the statements of some fintech managers who say that a group of market players, including cryptocurrencies and landtech, have not been legislated for them, and now in this situation, a law is going to be implemented to stop their activities.

We all know that currently the Central Bank has not regulated the activities of cryptocurrencies and landtechs, so in the case of Shaperk’s order to pay people to stop internet terminals without Inmad, cryptocurrencies and landtechs are exceptions. We are negotiating with the central bank in this regard and we are trying to get points in this field and to get the activists of this sector out of uncertainty.

He continued:

The share of portals related to cryptocurrency is not even 1% of this market and 99% is related to portals through which illegal activities and cases related to smuggling may be done in cyber space.

In response to the letter of the digital economy working group and the request of the Ministry of Communications to prevent the implementation of Shaperk’s order, the director of the e-commerce development center said that these reactions are only political games and a gesture of business support, and he added:

The Digital Economy Working Group has been established for almost a year and has extra-instrumental powers. But during this time, he has not given a resolution in favor of businesses. They’ve just passed a pro-business regulation that, when you look at the clauses, has no benefits for businesses, and they’ve included rules that already apply to businesses.

He continued:

If the digital economy working group cares about businesses and has all these powers, why can’t it regulate the activity of cryptocurrencies and landtechs and interact with the central bank in this field?

This official went on to criticize the request of the Ministry of Communications to prevent Shaperak’s letter to the payers and announced that if the Ministry of Communications was thinking about businesses, it would have performed its legal duties and stopped the restriction of the Internet so that businesses would not suffer such losses.

However, some business managers, as well as government managers of other institutions, declare that the reason for the insistence of the E-Commerce Development Center to receive this symbol from the business side is the high income that giving this symbol to activists in the virtual space has; A claim that the director of the e-commerce development center rejects and says in the explanation of this case:

This is a joke. The tariff of this product, like other licenses, including business card and business license, has an approved tariff, which is defined according to the law, and the receipt of this tariff goes to the general treasury. So providing this product has no income for the e-commerce development center. At the same time, the income from this material is so low that it gets lost in the figures and budget discussions.


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