Criticism of Heliner (Heliner); New scam with renting helium miner

کلاهبرداری سایت هلینر

Helium is one of the most popular minable coins. Those interested in making money from mining have been attracted to this project due to its affordable equipment, low maintenance cost and not being involved with regulatory challenges. A few days ago, an advertising teaser of a safe and profitable way of investing with helium extraction was published. In this teaser of Heliner Business Group It is mentioned that with Renting a helium minerThey promise 196% annual profit to people. Because where everyone is making a profit, there is finally some news, we put together the clues of the Heliner project and we think that there is a bowl under the half bowl and this project is suspected to be a scam. To Hellner review Stay with the country of blockchain.

First clue: Hellener project site

We start the Heliner review by searching the term “Heliner Helium Miner Rental” in Google. The first and second results on the first page of Google main site And Hellner’s Instagram Is. We open the site. Heliner at the top of your homepage Helium miner rental system with great profit introduces At the end of the first page The largest business group importing helium miners Written. By reviewing the records of this project in Heliner Telegram channel I found out that on January 24, 2022 (Bahman 4, 1400), they were engaged in the sale of helium miners, and from June 8, 2022 (June 18, 1401), they also started renting helium miners. But I will explain later how Heliner promises to generate income through the rental of helium miners. For now, let’s see the rest of the data on the first page of the site.

Hellener Scam Project Site

Heliner claims that you can earn by participating in the activation of helium miners and get 16% guaranteed profit every month and 196% in a year! Heliner gives two whistles right here; First, if you get 16% interest every month, the annual interest will be 192%, not 196%! The second whistle is guaranteed profit! Guaranteed profit sharpens our tentacles how a project through Helium extraction Does it generate income, promise guaranteed profits? Is the income of helium miners fixed? We definitely tell you no. You can’t make a steady income by extracting helium. So a bowl is below a half bowl. We can see the contents of the bowl below and in the income generating plans section. Heliner 4 plans to generate income by renting miners.

Heliner's income generating plans

As you can see in the picture above, you pay money and every month they give you a percentage of this money as interest! It doesn’t matter how much the miner’s income is. You get a fixed percentage of interest every month. Is it possible to increase income? Yes. You can get more profit by subscribing. Subgroup recruitment system is one of the components of Ponzi projects.

As you can see, there is no information about the sale of miner devices on this site. Since June 2022, Hellener has abandoned the sale of helium miners and started renting miners in absentia. It means that you are renting a miner that you have not seen and do not know where it will be installed. Of course, Heliner claims to be an importer of Milesight miners, and a video of a series of boxes is available on Heliner’s Telegram channel. For more information, we referred to Heliner support. We asked the support what is the brand of your miners? They said that it costs 65! We checked the list of trusted helium miners and found that there is no miner with this name. While there is a picture of a Milesight miner on Hellener’s website. It means that the support does not even know the correct pronunciation of its brand.
Then we asked about the location and distance of the miners. The minimum distance of Helium hotspot devices is 300 to 400 meters. The support expressed ignorance and said why miners should be separated from each other? We asked again, but we did not get an answer. Two days later, the support replied that yes, it is possible to launch if the distance between miners is large (!).

Conversation with Hellener site support
Source: Helium Support Telegram

We asked about the installation location of the miners. They said that the helium miner cannot be seen through the map and invited us to watch the video of the miner boxes on the Telegram channel. While one Helium browser There, you can see the information, location and specifications of each miner.

Conversation with Hellener site support
Source: Helium Support Telegram

We also asked about the guaranteed profit, how do you give a guaranteed profit every month when the miner’s income is not fixed, and they said that every miner has a 20% profit per month, and 12-16% is deposited into the member’s account every month. As far as I understand, those income plans were calculated according to the money you deposit into these people’s accounts, not the miners’ income. It seems that miner’s income is not mentioned at all and no clarification has been made about it.

Conversation with Hellener site support
Source: Helium Support Telegram

But the supporter, who according to his name is probably one of the developers of the user interface (in the next section, we will introduce the Hellener team members), forgot that they wrote in the FAQ section of the site that the profit of each miner is up to 25% per month.

Hellener's profit

Second clue: The Heliner project team

Hellener project team members

In the team introduction section, Heliner introduced his team members as compassionate and powerful people. But let’s see who these people are and what records they have. 6 people have been introduced in this episode; Reza Arjamand, Hadi Arjamand, Mrs. (!) Rahimpour, Benjamin Rahimpour, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen! Interestingly, all 6 people are user interface developers. Why should a project that has only started working for 3 months have 6 user interface developers? There is no news of the founder, nor the public relations manager, nor the back-end programmer. All team members work on the user interface of the site. Meanwhile, this site does not pass any of the standards of a commercial service provider. If we factor in the spelling and writing mistakes, despite the 6 user interface developers, there is no news about our page, nor the terms of service or a license from the Ministry of Privacy and Design! Even the location of the company and the contact phone number are not known.

Apart from this, the family of the first 4 members of the team are similar to each other and it seems that it is a family business. Of course, on Heliner’s Instagram, Mr. Arjamand said that he started this business with his wife. We guess that the founder is one of the two honorable ones.

Hellener Scam Project Instagram
Source: Hellener’s Instagram

In addition, for depositing, you can transfer the money to the card, and the card number is also in the name of the conductor.

Riyal deposit to Heliner website

A professional team running an online business should keep an online journal and record their history on LinkedIn, Twitter or another platform. But we come to the other two members of the team; Oliver Queen and Barry Allen! This is another noob. We have two UI developers who have chosen nicknames at their most optimistic! Of course, if they have external existence and not to lengthen the list of team members. But why Oliver Queen and Barry Allen? These two are the names of characters from DC comics fiction stories. We accept aliases. But the lack of transparency about the professional records and the real position of each of these people is not acceptable.

Third clue: Heliner’s whistles

Hellener Fraud Project

Examining the rest of the data of Hellener’s site and social networks, we realized that this project has chosen its target user wisely. The target audience of Heliner project are inexperienced and uninformed people. Pay attention to the three boxes above. Typing mistakes scream that these 6 dear developers do not value their users. Read the middle box more carefully. Earning without spending time and knowledge! Doesn’t this remind you of the slogan of pyramid companies? Advice from us to you wherever they promised you profit and said you don’t need to know anything about the details of the work, be sure that a job is lame. Because either they want to take advantage of your ignorance or they don’t have enough technical knowledge. We advise you, contrary to these people, if you intend to extract helium or any investment on this cryptocurrency, be sure to raise your information. You can read the following article to get started.

In the following, it is written that Heliner has more than 10 months of experience in the field of helium miners. While on Helliner’s Instagram (on July 28), there is talk of a one-year experience. Then it was said that the income and profit of this work is both permissible and halal, and these miners are completely legal due to their low electricity consumption. First, this one The false cause fallacy Is. Because the reason given for the legality of miners is completely irrelevant and wrong, and as far as we know, helium extraction has not been legalized yet. In addition, being legal or not has nothing to do with the amount of electricity consumption. Because, for example, Bitcoin mining is legal with obtaining a license despite the high electricity consumption.

Criticism of the Heliner site

The fourth clue: the investment model in Heliner

Heliner project teaser It explains the revenue generation models well. You can deposit money through the Telegram bot or register on the site, rent a miner and generate income, or get profit through sub-categorization. Hellener’s teaser states that “Use the wonderful opportunity to introduce friends and acquaintances to the robot for more confidence in the project.” This is another fake fallacy that cause and effect have nothing to do with each other. 6% of profit is considered as commission, which is 3% for level 1, 2% for level 2 and 1% for level 3 members. We are going to the time of Hellener telegram bot. You must register your number in the robot. Then you have to join the deposit channels and Heliner channel. Then you can use investment options. We clicked on register or edit the wallet, and the bot asked us for the Tron network wallet address.

Heliner Telegram bot
Source: Heliner Telegram bot

Then we went to the deposit channel and found out that all Heliner cryptocurrency payments are with TRX. Heliner doesn’t rent helium miners and a professional and expert team (according to Heliner support) is behind the scenes. Well, if these miners are really earning, then why are deposits made with TRX? Isn’t Helium network in the form of HNT coin?

Heliner deposit channel
Source: Heliner deposit channel

The fifth clue: user comments

Community is the biggest asset of any project. If a project does not have an active and critical community, it is doomed to attract professional users. There is no comment or feedback section on the Heliner website. There are only a series of compliments and thanks from anonymous people as the words of customers. There is nothing but satisfaction and wish for progress and increasing success. Such comments are clearly fake.

Comments of Heliner users

As you can see in the image above, a channel called The voice of the Hellenaries There is one that you can visit to hear the opinions of hundreds of satisfied investors. It is noteworthy that several videos of this channel are repeated and taken with a mobile phone. This channel was launched on August 3, 2022 (August 12, 1401) and a video was uploaded on August 15, 11 (August 24, 1401). After this date, there has been no news of satisfied and happy investors. As far as we know from the videos, there is a Telegram group for Heliner members, which is probably run privately.

A word with the users of blockchain country

Easy and hassle-free profit and income generation is always tempting. But you should know that all the projects that ask you to sub in exchange for more profit are pyramids. In these projects, only the founders and the first people always profit and the rest suffer big losses. Pay attention to the fact that Heliner does not have any transparency in the field of service provision, and if your withdrawals are stopped, all your channels and ways of communication with the team are closed, your hand is not tied anywhere and you practically have to say goodbye to your capital.
We reject Hellener project due to many loopholes, anonymity of the project team, lack of transparency in how it works, ignorance of team members, wrong data about helium mining in terms of health. We hope that by not participating in such projects, you will prevent further damage to yourself and others.


Putting these five clues together, we can say that the site Miner Hellener rental Fraud is suspected. As you have seen, Heliner is running a Ponzi scheme that uses people’s simplicity to generate income. Hellener team should clarify in all the mentioned cases and explain why it uses card to card instead of legal payment gateway? Who are these people anyway? So far, it is clear that the team members know how the Helium network works Extraction of HNT They are not aware and have launched this project without knowing it. Fortunately, Heliner has just started his work and we can prevent others from harm by spreading awareness and sharing this article. Thank you for your attention.

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