Companies you don’t even think of mining Bitcoin

شرکت‌هایی که فکرش را هم نمی‌کنید بیت کوین استخراج کنند

At the same time as the hashrate of the Bitcoin network continues to grow, the dynamics of the mining industry and the presence of different participants have also increased more than ever. Most Bitcoin investors are somewhat familiar with big giants such as Riot Blockchain, a company active in the field of mining with a billion dollar market value, and news related to the cooperation of prominent companies in the field of energy such as ExxonMobil (ExxonMobil) and Bitcoin miners.

Although the presence of some names in the Bitcoin mining industry is not a very special and surprising issue, it seems that other companies, from transportation activists to health and digital currency lending, are also planning to enter this industry; Names whose presence is somewhat unexpected.

In this article, we intend with the help of an article from the website Bitcoin Magazine Let us introduce you to some of these lesser-known companies in the Bitcoin mining industry; So stay with us until the end of this article.

Health brands

Companies you don't even think of mining Bitcoin

If you hear that one of the companies related to the health field has entered the world of digital currencies, you might imagine at first glance that the reason was to create some kind of connection between digital currencies and the health field; But this is not true for Graystone Company. Greystone, a company based in the state of Florida and active in the field of health and longevity and anti-aging, announced in June 2021 that it plans to expand the Bitcoin mining unit that it launched a month ago.

At the end of September 2021, Greystone published another announcement and announced that this mining unit has managed to mine 0.1 Bitcoin since its launch. According to this announcement, the mining unit of the mentioned company had more than 2,000 terahes per second mining power at that time and had decided to add a few thousand more terahes to its power. January 2022, Greystone announced that it has a total of 50 active Antminer S19j Pro mining machines in this center.

Digital currency lenders

Companies you don't even think of mining Bitcoin

When it comes to institutional Bitcoin mining, the names of lending companies are probably not among the first options that come to mind; But it is interesting to know that several top lenders in the field of digital currencies are active in the field of Bitcoin mining and intend to develop their units. May 2021, BlockFi announced its new activities in the field of mining in the form of a partnership with the mining unit of Blockstream; Of course, BlockFi did not specify how much of the blockstream hash rate it has. This company active in the field of lending says that it looks at Bitcoin mining as a supplement to their financial services.

Celsius is another lending company that has invested heavily in Bitcoin mining. As of November 2021, the company had allocated $500 million to Bitcoin mining activities. Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius, said in an interview that his company has 22,000 active mining machines, most of which are Antminer S19 models. Like BlockFi, Mashinsky has described his company’s mining activities as a strategic complement to its lending services.

Procurement companies

Companies you don't even think of mining Bitcoin

The work of logistics companies usually has little to do with Bitcoin mining; But in February 2021, a company that provides integrated transportation solutions announced that it plans to enter the Bitcoin mining space. Sino-Global Shipping, a New York-based company, announced about a year ago that it had formed a new executive team to develop Bitcoin mining; Something similar to what Microstrategy has done. It is interesting to know that the main field of activity of the microstrategy company is business intelligence and software development; But this collection spends part of its capital to buy bitcoins.

The announcement of SinoGlobal Shipping’s entry into the Bitcoin mining industry caused its stock price to grow by 130%. Since then, the company has purchased several thousand mining rigs and made joint ventures to build new mining hardware. SinoGlobal Shipping even accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for its core business, shipping.

Asset management companies

Companies you don't even think of mining Bitcoin

Some Bitcoin mining companies are publicly traded and their shares are traded on stock markets. A number of the world’s major investment banks are the most important shareholders of these mining companies. Horizon Kinetics is one of these companies. The New York-based conglomerate launched its first Bitcoin mining unit in 2017 and its second unit in 2018.

According to published reports, Horizon Kinetics has $7 billion in assets. This company has announced the reason for entering the field of Bitcoin mining is to try to understand Bitcoin better. The purchase of several thousand mining machines and negotiation for the provision of their hardware is an important part of the strategy to expand the mining activity of Horizon Kintix.

Electricity and electronics companies

Companies you don't even think of mining Bitcoin

Given the importance of mining in energy markets in the near future, the fact that a multi-billion dollar utility company has a subsidiary running a Bitcoin mining pilot program is probably not a particularly surprising development in the mining industry.

One of the subcategories of the multi-billion dollar electricity production company E.ON (E.ON) is seeking to enter the field of Bitcoin mining by introducing a trial program of Bitcoin mining. An interesting point is that the mentioned company is a Hungarian branch E. Ann It is considered as one of the pioneers of electricity production and distribution industry. At the same time, the life of the Bitcoin mining process as an industry barely reaches a decade.

The Hungarian subsidiary of E.A.N. is collaborating with another Hungarian company, Enerhash, to set up a small mining facility at one of its power plants. E. An has announced the purpose of this action to test his ability to improve the economy and performance of this power plant.

The most interesting thing about the mentioned cooperation is the lack of coverage in the media. Perhaps one of the reasons for insufficient attention to this news is the publication of its announcement in the language ducts and this issue has caused this news to be in the middle of the media controversy about Bitcoin mining North America And Latin America get lost

Small technology companies

Companies you don't even think of mining Bitcoin

Any company that announces that it has invested in bitcoin mining or has set up a unit for mining is not necessarily pursuing a legitimate purpose in the announcement. Many companies, which are usually public stocks and have a small market capitalization, are turning to the Bitcoin mining industry with the goal of increasing their stock value by riding the wave of excitement and hype of the digital currency market.

It is easy to publish an announcement about the start of Bitcoin mining; While building a sustainable mining center is much more difficult. Therefore, it is difficult to tell which of the small companies that publish such announcements, which one they are pursuing the real goal.

In the meantime, there is a small company that seems to have really set foot on such a path with the goal of mining Bitcoin. Jasmine Technology, a public telecommunications company based in Thailand, announced in December 2021 that it is mining Bitcoin. This news increased the company’s stock price by an astonishing 6,700%. At the time of publishing this news, The ground of technology He had 325 active bitcoin mining machines and during this period, he was able to mine 8 units of bitcoin.


Direct or indirect connection with Bitcoin mining has great financial and strategic value for many investors and businesses. According to some experts, the entry of participants from different guilds into the mining market can be a positive thing. Although many companies are working on products and services that can make Bitcoin mining possible for everyone, not everyone should enter the industry without thinking.

Every new miner should have a proper strategy and a calm and measured start. At the same time as Bitcoin’s hash rate increased, hundreds of miners with weak mining programs failed. A successful mining center always has a slow and careful start; Because a reckless, luck-based start never lasts.

Today, energy giants and multi-billion dollar mining companies dominate the mining industry; But many unrelated businesses are also getting into Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is a new and risky industry; But the expansion of acceptance of this type of companies seems to not have many negative aspects for this industry.

How many of these mining centers can last beyond one Bitcoin market cycle is an unanswered question; But companies that mine Bitcoin instead of buying it are ahead of their peers.


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