CEO of Iran Blockchain Association: The Ministry of Oil has committed a violation in dealing with miners

مدیرعامل انجمن بلاکچین ایران: وزارت نفت در برخورد با ماینرها مرتکب تخلف شده است

Iran’s National Gas Company, in a letter in October, increased the gas tariff for digital currency miners to 53,268 rials and, regardless of the notification date, demanded the new figure for their consumption in the first six months of the year. The CEO of Iran Blockchain Association says that the delay in the notification, the demand to retroactive the first six months of the year and not considering the global gas price is a clear violation of the regulations.

According to Erzdigital and to quote By way of payment, the cryptocurrency mining industry was recognized on August 13, 2018 with the approval of the government board. According to this resolution, the two ministries of energy and oil were required to determine the energy tariff for electricity and gas in the mining industry based on export prices and the exchange rate of dollars and rials, and the electricity tariff was set at the average export price and the gas tariff was set at 70% of the export average.

According to Abbas Ashtiani, the CEO of Iran Blockchain Association, the expensive and unreasonable tariffs contained in the legal resolution of mining cryptocurrencies turned the mining industry into an underground industry and caused many miners to turn away from obtaining licenses and legal activities.

He believes that the resolution of August 13, 2018 caused the mining industry to go underground and the violations under this resolution caused the destruction of the current industrialists.

Last month, Seyed Jalal Noor Mousavi, head of gas supply coordination in a letter, changed the average gas export rate to 53,268 rials and emphasized that this number will be retroactive.

In other words, not only the gas tariff of virtual miners who produce electricity by themselves has reached 53 thousand 268 rials, but they also have to pay the cost of their gas consumption for the first six months of the year with the new tariff.

Meanwhile, in the letter of the supervisor of gas supply coordination management, National Iran Gas Company stressed that the gas price should be changed to this figure from the beginning of 1401; But Noor Mousavi sent the letter at the beginning of the autumn season. According to Ashtiani, the delay of the Ministry of Oil to announce new tariffs is a violation.

The CEO of Iran Blockchain Association stated in response to this incident:

The Ministry of Oil should have announced the new tariffs in April so that activists can decide whether to operate legally in the mining industry or not.

Ashtiani emphasized that the Ministry of Oil has committed three violations by sending this letter; He announced the price in October instead of April and made this late announcement retroactive and demanded a new price for all gas consumed by industries since the beginning of the year, which is a clear example of an obvious violation. In addition, the Ministry of Oil has not considered a specific interval for determining the gas tariff, if the global and export gas price is instantaneous, the miners must also witness the instantaneous price change.

He continued:

According to the law, the number declared in the last month should not be retroactive; But today we see the demand for the amount of the first six months. This request is a violation in itself. According to the critical decision of the Council of Ministers, the criteria for tariffs should be the export average of the dollar figure of the gas price and the dollar to rial conversion rate, not the oil ministry’s choice.

Stating that the Ministry of Petroleum does not have any specific time frame for determining the rate, he clarified:

In the last few months, the price of gas around the world has grown heavily, coinciding with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. In the past days, due to the filling of reserves in the European Union, the price of gas experienced a sharp drop.

Ashtiani believes that citing global price changes, the tariff rate announcement period should be short-term, and if the global gas price decreases, domestic industrialists should not be charged exorbitant prices.


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