Binance accounting bug; Wrong allocation of 20 million dollars of HNT Helium tokens to users’ accounts

صرافی بایننس ۲۰ میلیون دلار توکن HNT هلیوم را به اشتباه بین کاربران تخصیص داد

Binance exchange mistakenly deposited 20 million dollars of HNT Helium token into the account of some of its users. Currently, Binance has fixed this bug and is trying to find the bug that caused this problem.

According to Mihan Blockchain and quoted by Cryptoslit, on September 16 (25 September), the Binance exchange allocated almost $20 million of HNT Helium tokens to the accounts of some of its users due to an accounting bug. After discovering this bug, Binance fixed it.

The Helium ecosystem has two tokens, HNT and MOBILE, which it uses to reward its network users.

HNT is the native token used to reward hotspot hosts, while the MOBILE token was launched in August and currently does not have a proper liquidity market.

Binance mistakenly counted these two tokens as one and gave an equal amount of HNT to the accounts of users who sent MOBILE tokens to its platform.

The Helium Foundation said:

We can confirm that this is not an off-chain issue and that this issue is solely on Binance’s side. To our knowledge, no other exchanges or third parties have been affected. We advise token holders to stop depositing HNT and MOBILE on Binance until a comprehensive status update is provided.

Binance exchange also announced:

We are looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Helium community is currently voting on the proposal to migrate to Solana (SOL).

At the time of writing, the HNT token is trading at $4.18 after a 0.1% drop in the past 24 hours, according to Blockchain Homeland price data.

  • What is the story of the accounting bug of the Binance exchange and the allocation of the HNT Helium token to users’ accounts by mistake?

On September 16, 2022 (September 25, 1401), the Binance exchange announced that due to an accounting bug, $20 million of HNT Helium tokens were wrongly allocated to the accounts of users who deposited mobile tokens into their Binance accounts.

  • Was the Helium network to blame for the bug created in the Binance exchange and the wrong allocation of the HNT Helium token?

Helium announced that the Binance accounting bug is not a chain problem and this problem occurred only on behalf of Binance.


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