Author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”: Dollar appreciation is an opportunity to buy Bitcoin

نویسنده کتاب «پدر پول‌دار، پدر بی‌پول»: افزایش ارزش دلار فرصتی برای خرید بیت کوین است

Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, recently said that the growing strength of the US dollar in global markets and the increase in bank interest rates in this country have provided an opportunity to buy Bitcoin, gold and silver. He says the US central bank will reach a turning point at the beginning of 2023, as a result of which these assets will show their value.

To Report In a post to his 2.1 million followers on Twitter yesterday, Kiyosaki pointed out that as the dollar gained strength in global markets, the prices of three commodities, sometimes referred to as “safe havens against inflation” , gradually decreases; But as soon as the central bank of America reaches its turning point and decides to reduce the bank interest rate in this country, these assets will show their value.

Kiyosaki wrote:

Buying opportunity: If the central bank of America continues to increase the bank interest rate in this country, the dollar will also become stronger, and as a result, gold, silver and bitcoin will lose part of their value. [در این فرصت] buy more When the Bank of America reaches its tipping point, cuts bank interest rates and the UK does the same, you’ll be the one smiling while everyone else is crying. be careful.

Two days ago, Kiyosaki predicted in another post that the US central bank will reach this milestone in January 2023 (D1401) and, like the recent fall in the value of the British pound, will cause the price of the dollar to fall in global markets.

Kiyosaki has this to say:

Will the US dollar follow the path of the British pound? I believe that this will happen. I imagine the dollar will fall after the Fed reaches its inflection point in January 2023. Personally, I will not be a victim of this damn central bank.

Since May 2020, Kiyosaki has shown that he is in favor of assets that the US central bank cannot directly manipulate. Even when the Federal Reserve started massive printing of dollars to deal with the economic crisis caused by the corona virus epidemic in the world, he had warned his followers to save themselves from this predicament by buying Bitcoin.

Interestingly, this famous author recently said in an interview that although he believes Bitcoin has no real value, he is still interested in this digital currency.

In September, he wrote in a letter to subscribers of his notes that there is now a need to invest in digital assets to earn big long-term profits.

Kiyosaki said in this letter:

It is not enough to simply want to enter the digital currency market. Now is the time when you “need” to enter the cryptocurrency market; Before the biggest economic crash in history.

Over the past year, the US dollar has gradually become stronger against other major national currencies. The data of Trading Economics also shows that the price of pound, euro and Japanese yen against the dollar has dropped by 18.24%, 15.54% and 23.33%, respectively.

Meanwhile, the increase in bank interest rates in the United States, along with the increase in the strength of the dollar, has caused a 55% drop in the market value of digital currencies over the past 12 months.

Last month, hedge fund co-founder CK Zheng said he expected October to be a very volatile month for Bitcoin.

Zheng said:

October is a very volatile period. Especially now that it coincides with high inflation and the existence of many discussions about changing the monetary policies of the American central bank. The current concern is that if the Federal Reserve decides to further tighten its policies, the US economy may enter a deep recession.


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