Arbitrum’s possible airdrop; Who may receive tokens?

ایردراپ احتمالی آربیتروم؛ چه کسانی ممکن است توکن دریافت کنند؟

Arbitrum’s possible airdrop; Who may receive tokens? – Digital currency

Arbitrum is one of the most popular second layer networks based on Ethereum, which has not had its own token so far. For some time now, speculations about the possibility of this network’s token offering and its airdrop have intensified among some active users; But as it seems, receiving the possible airdrop of this network will not be an easy task.

To Report Utodi, at the very beginning it is better to remind that the Arbitrom team has not yet published any explicit instructions or announcements regarding the token offering and how to participate in its possible airdrop. Experts who publish on Twitter about Airdrop Arbitrum have also pointed out this point.

DEFI RIDDLER, one of the Twitter users who has prepared a thread about this possible airdrop, says that in order to achieve the necessary criteria to participate in this airdrop, those interested must at least participate in the Arbitrum Odyssey campaign, on the main network. Arbitrum have made a transaction, received a role in Arbitrum’s Discord and have an effective participation in the network.

The last one seems a bit more complicated than the other criteria. If Arbitrum is to implement this option with criteria similar to the Optimism protocol airdrop, the tasks that users will have to do include performing multiple transactions, voting in the DAO, working with multi-signature tools, donating funds on Gitcoin ( Gitcoin) and so on.

Why is Arbitrage Airdrop important to the cryptocurrency community?

One of the main reasons why the digital currency community is waiting for Arbitrum’s possible airdrop is the successful and attractive airdrop of the competing tokens of this second layer network, namely Optimism, which was done a few months ago.

In addition, Arbitrum plays a key role in the Ethereum-based second layer network ecosystem; So that currently nearly 50% of the funds locked in all roll-ups belong to Arbitrum.

Arbitrum's possible airdrop;  Who may receive tokens?
Value of funds locked in different roll-ups.
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