Aptos Bridge was launched on Pancake Swap

راه اندازی پل اپتوس در پنکیک سواپ

Decentralized Pancake Swap exchange announced that with the launch of the Aptos network bridge, the possibility of swap tokens and providing liquidity for pools and yield farming has been provided in the Aptos network. The details of the announcements of this popular dex are explained below.

Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world offer various programs and campaigns by offering their products to their users every day. In the rest of this article, we will explain the details of the announcements of each exchange separately. At the end of this post, there is a table of the latest cryptocurrencies and various Riyal and Dollar markets added to the exchanges.

This post is not an investment recommendation and is merely a reflection of cryptocurrency exchange news.

Pancake Swap exchange

Aptos blockchain bridge launch on Pancake Swap

  • Details: Pancake Swap announced the launch of Aptos PancakeBridge, and from now on, users can move their assets between the Aptos blockchain and the bnb chain easily and at a lower cost. This exchange announced that due to the limited liquidity of cake in the Optos blockchain, the price impact (What is the price impact?) may be more than expected, and the price of CAKE in Optos may be different from the bnb chain, and users should be cautious when trading or increasing liquidity. .
  • Also, the ability to swap passwords has been launched in Optos. Pancake Swap announced in announcements that users can receive profits in the form of CAKE tokens on the Aptos blockchain by providing liquidity to the following pools and stake liquidity tokens in farms. In the following table, the list of currency pairs available to provide liquidity in this index is presented:
Using Bridge Cellar Tokens Using Layer Zero bridge tokens Using Wormhole Bridge Tokens

Token Sozi weekly token cake

  • Details: Pancake Swap announced that 6,746,585 units of this token worth 26 million dollars were burned in the weekly cake token burning.

Reducing the ceiling of deposit and withdrawal transactions in domestic exchanges

As you read earlier in Mihan Blockchain, according to Shoprak’s notification, the limit of deposit to the exchange per transaction has been reduced to 25 million Tomans. This is despite the fact that before this, the daily deposit and withdrawal limit for each user (each national code) was equal to 100 million Tomans.

Domestic digital currency exchanges announced to their users the method of depositing amounts above the mentioned limit in announcements.

Arzpaya exchange: In terms of portal deposit limits, stable currency with options ID deposit It has made it possible for the user to make an unlimited amount of Riyal deposits through ID deposits. To use ID deposit on the Erzpaya website, users can enter the account deposit menu and get an ID once for each registered bank account, and every transfer with ID from the bank or mobile bank can be made from that specific account with the ID, Erzpaya account account The user is charged. For more information Arzpaya exchange training read the

Expoto Exchange: Expoto exchange announced by presenting two solutions:

  1. users Expoto exchange Deposit more than 25 million Tomans to your wallet through unlimited rial deposit, using the deposit ID.
  2. Another solution is to deposit 4 transactions of 25 million tomans with 4 bank cards and a national code online.

Bitpin exchange: users Bitpin exchange They can use Bitpin bank deposit service (with ID) to deposit large amounts.

Remzinx exchange: users Remzinx exchange They can use ID deposit feature without deposit ceiling.

Conversion exchange: users Exchange conversion To deposit large amounts, they can use the “Deposit over 100 million” route in the Tomani deposit section.

Valex exchange

10,000 dollar Airdrop Valex

  • Details: Valex exchange announced that users can automate and optimize their transactions with the Valex trader bot. In addition, users can enter up to 5 days by making at least one bot Airdrop of 10,000 dollars Participate.
  • According to this exchange, trading bot is a tool that buys and sells based on the user’s strategies and instead of him. But not all markets have the same conditions, so to get the best results in them, you have to choose the right strategy and of course the right bot. To learn more about this bot Its description see on the Valex exchange website. In order to participate in AirDrop Wallex, you must create at least one bot that is active for five consecutive days. The activity of all created bots will be checked and calculated until the 10th of December, so if you create your bot on the 3rd of December and keep it active for five days, you will still participate in the airdrop.

OMP Phoenix exchange

Reduced transaction fees by introducing new members

  • Details: OMP Phoenix exchange announced that the users of this exchange who introduce new members to the exchange can benefit up to 50% of their transaction fees.

Adding new cryptocurrencies to OMP Phoenix exchange

  • Details: BNS (BNS), Loopring Coin (LRC) and Ton Coin (TON) have been added to the OMP Phoenix trading market.

Exchange conversion

Removal of BTCST, REP and TRIBE tokens in the easy purchase section of the exchange

  • Details: Tarfad exchange announced that due to the high probability of the value of Tribe (TRIBE:Tribe), Bitcoin Hash Rate (BTCST:BTC Standard Hashrate) and Augur (REP:Augur) currencies, it is not possible to buy them in the easy purchase section of Tafad exchange. This exchange added to its users:

Keep in mind that due to the risk of holding these cryptocurrencies, to avoid the resulting losses, if you have the above-mentioned currencies in your conversion wallet, convert these currencies to other currencies of your choice in easy purchase, or Sell ​​in this section.

One inch decentralized exchange

Weekly ether token burning

  • Details: One Inch Exchange announced that 187 Ether cryptocurrency units worth $235,700 were burned in the weekly Ether token burn, which shows a decrease of 29.4% compared to last week.

Binance exchange

Integration of the futures section of the Binance exchange with the Trading View platform

  • Details: Binance Exchange announced that the Binance Futures section has been integrated with Trading View. This integration allows Binance users to trade USDⓈ-margined perpetual futures and delivery contracts directly in the browser and Trading View desktop applications by connecting to the platform using their Binance accounts.

Launch of new cloud mining products

  • Details: Binance exchange is launching a new category of cloud mining products for Bitcoin mining. Users can now subscribe to Binance cloud mining products to purchase hashes and start collecting mining rewards in their Funding Wallet. For more information Binance exchange announcement read the

Bybit exchange

Bybit support for PRIMAL token deposit in BSC chain

  • Details: Binance exchange started supporting PRIMAL token deposit in BSC chain from December 14.

Launching the second version of “Bybit Dual Asset” section of Bybit exchange

  • Details: Bybit exchange announced the launch of the second version of its Dual Asset. Buy Bit has introduced Dual Asset as a trading tool for prosperity in high volatility markets, and the superiority of the second version of this tool compared to the first version is higher flexibility, ease of use and higher APY. To get more information Exchange notice See.

Iranian users should note that because Iran is on the OFAC list, no organization is legally allowed to provide services to Iranian users, so most foreign exchanges have limited authentication for Iranian users. Authentication with an Iranian passport in foreign exchanges is like closing your account. So there is a possibility of loss of users’ capital in these exchanges. It is recommended not to use these exchanges with Iranian authentication.

The following cryptocurrencies and trading markets have been removed and added to the list of services of domestic and foreign digital currency exchanges:

exchange New cryptocurrency Spot market Deleted passwords
OMP Phoenix TON
domestic market
Binance MAGIC (Binance Margin) CHESS
(Binance Margin) CVP
  • Tether price is lower in which Iranian digital currency exchange?

To get the most up-to-date information on the price of various cryptocurrencies, we suggest you visit the service “comparison of the price of selling and buying digital currency in exchanges” on the website of the blockchain homeland.

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