Announcements and important events of digital currency exchanges; 27 September 1401

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Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world offer various programs and campaigns by offering their products to their users every day. In the rest of this article, we will explain the details of the announcements of each exchange separately. At the end of this post, there is a table of the latest cryptocurrencies and various Riyal and Dollar markets added to the exchanges.

This post is not an investment recommendation and is merely a reflection of cryptocurrency exchange news.

Bitpin exchange

  • Bitpin exchange announced the extension of the Bitcoin rescue campaign

Bitpin exchange has announced that it has extended its “Rescue Bitcoin” campaign and due to the success of the previous Bitcoin rescue, a new Bitcoin rescue operation has started.

Kucoin exchange

  • Kocoin exchange asked IOS users to update their software to the new version.

Kocoin exchange announced on 26 September that it has noticed a bug in the latest version (version 3.67.1) of its iOS application. This exchange wrote that this bug may lead to non-registration of spot market orders. The next day, Kokoin published an announcement and announced that this bug had been fixed. This exchange asked users to update their programs to version 3.67.2 so that they don’t have any problems in registering orders.

Gate Exchange (

  • Gate Exchange announced zero transaction fees on 29 September.

Gate Exchange announced that from September 20 at 10:00 AM (29 September at 14:30 Iran time), transaction fees in the spot, futures, and option markets will be zero. For more details Gate exchange announcement Read about this.

  • Gate exchange supports the upgrade of Theta network.

Gate Exchange announced that it supports the upgrade of the Theta network, which is carried out in block 17,285,755, equivalent to September 29, 2022 at 02:00 UTC (7 Shahrivar 1401 at 06:30 Iran time). The deposit and withdrawal of the cryptocurrency of this network (THETA) will be suspended during the upgrade, but the transactions of this coin will not be affected.

  • Gate Exchange has activated the deposit and withdrawal service of ETHF and ETHW, the token of Ethereum forked networks.

Bybit exchange

  • BuyBit Exchange launched the ETHW deposit service, the token of the Ethereum forked network.

OKX exchange

  • OKX support for Ethereum proof-of-work fork

OKX exchange announced the support of the Ethereum proof-of-work chain and the allocation of ETHW, the Ethereum forked network token, to the accounts of qualified users and support for its transactions (in the spot, margin, permanent market).

OKX Exchange announced that users who participated in the OKX Wallet ETHW Fork promotion will be able to see their ETHW and OKT holdings in their OKX wallet.

  • OKX exchange announced the support of ETHF, the token of Ethereum’s forked network.
  • OKX exchange started supporting Tron interchain transactions.

OKX exchange announced that it has integrated SWFT inter-chain blockchain bridge. In this way, it enables cross-chain transactions of all tokens between the Tron network and other networks including Ethereum, OKC, BSC, Polygon and Phantom.

FTX exchange

  • Resuming Deposit and Withdrawal of Ethereum Rapid Tokens

FTX exchange announced that the service of depositing and withdrawing Rapid Ethereum from Solana, Arbitrum and BSC networks has resumed.

Binance exchange

  • Binance announcement regarding receiving ETHW

Binance Exchange announced that eligible users will receive ETHW tokens in their wallets at a 1:1 ratio based on the Ether (ETH) balance in their eligible wallets at the time of the snapshot. Since the update of Marj Ethereum (September 24 at 11:12), ETHW deposit takes about two to five days. For more details Binance exchange announcement see.

  • Addition of Lido to Binance Cash Swap

Binance exchange announced the addition of LDO/BTC and LDO/USDT currency pairs to its liquidity swap service.

  • Addition of 2 cryptocurrencies to Binance fast conversion service

Binance exchange announced the addition of PHB and AMB cryptocurrencies to its fast conversion service (Binance Convert).

Iranian users should note that because Iran is on the OFAC list, no organization is legally allowed to provide services to Iranian users, so most foreign exchanges have limited authentication for Iranian users. Authentication with an Iranian passport in foreign exchanges is like closing your account. So there is a possibility of loss of users’ capital in these exchanges. It is recommended not to use these exchanges with Iranian authentication.

The following cryptocurrencies and trading markets have been removed and added to the list of services of foreign digital currency exchanges:

exchange New cryptocurrency Spot market Margin market Deleted passwords
conversion Lazio
domestic market
Binance GAS/BUSD
(Cross Margin and Isolated Margin) TCT
(Cross Margin and Isolated Margin) AMB
(Cross Margin and Isolated Margin) SANTOS
gate ETHF ETHF/USDT ETHW (Perpetual Contract) DLC
  • Which Iranian digital currency exchanges have announced that they have better digital currency prices?

You can see the price of digital currencies in Iranian exchanges on the exchange price comparison page and compare with each other. The price of digital currency is updated instantly on the blockchain website.

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