American police unintentionally published the words of recovering a suspect’s wallet + video

پلیس آمریکا ناخواسته عبارت بازیابی کیف پول یک مظنون را منتشر کرد + ویدئو

بحران سقوط صرافی FTX به بسیاری از سرمایه‌گذاران یادآوری کرد که استفاده از کیف پول‌های غیرامانی مطمئن‌‌ترین راه نگهداری بیت کوین و دیگر ارزهای دیجیتال است. Now, after the US police inadvertently released the phrase “recovery of a suspect’s wallet”, the debate about the dangers of different ways of storing digital currencies has heated up again.

To the report Kevin Telegraph, a top-rated video on Twitter, shows two police officers searching a suspect’s car and finding scraps of paper. It is clear that the suspect had a lot of faith in using non-trusted wallets; Because after opening the papers, the words to retrieve his wallet written on a piece of paper are inadvertently revealed. A popular way to prevent online disclosure of information.

After registering this by the camera installed on the police officer’s clothing, the phrase wallet recovery becomes public.

After seeing the video, Binance CEO Chang Peng Zhao warned investors to learn the dangers of the various methods available to store cryptocurrencies. He said:

I am a fan of free choice. Freely use any way you like to keep your digital currencies. But also learn the dangers of each method.

This video has created discussions about the best way to store wallet recovery terms, which seems to be to maintain it. While the idea of ​​recovering the recovery phrase, a unique 1 or 2 -word combination seems safe; Javao noted that the issue of transferring it to another (in the event of an accident) and forgetfulness are two of the biggest drawbacks to storing important information in the brain.

The arrest of Sam Bankman Farid, the former FTX currency exchange CEO, was regarded as a bell ranging in the long -term storage strategies of digital currencies on charges of exploiting customer capital.

While users’ first reaction was to remove their assets from digital currency exchanges, the executives of the currency exchange were to ensure the safety of investor assets; Regardless of where they intend to store their digital currencies.

On the other hand, Ray Yusuf, the CEO of Paksfol Digital Currency Exchange, supported the idea of ​​storing bitcoin in non -party wallets. He promised to remind investors of their assets every week.

He mentioned:

My responsibility is the only help and service to you. That is why I send all my users today to transfer their bitcoins to non -financial wallets. You should not keep your savings in Paxful or any exchange and only the amount you keep in the exchange you trade with.


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